Monday, January 4, 2010

Ten Reasons UFO Are Extraterrestrial

As a tribute to the beginning of 2010:

I don't apologize for believing fervently UFOs are Extraterrestrial in origin. I never believed it was anything else. For me it solves all of the dilemmas out there, as long as you put your human ego aside, that is. There are some that don't believe UFOs are ET, they are very intelligent people. These are people with open minds and who have read up on the subject extensively. I admit there are credible reports which don't fit into a standard Nuts and Bolts explanation. I believe however, with just a little futuristic vision, what UFOs are, and what they can do, is not beyond some visionary paradigms of our bio-technological future. There are very few scientists that believe star flight by humans can never be achieved. Many of them will point to very distant future, if we survive, where we may walk on other planets. That future has already happened on many planets… some maybe billions of years ago.

Here are my ten reason UFOs are probably Extra-Terrestrial in origin.

  1. The UFO witnesses:
    We have the most incredible witnesses who claim what they have seen is a craft doing exactly what a machine would do. We have fighter pilots. Astronauts, even a man who walked on the moon all claiming that something is here. We have witnesses on their deathbed who have reported spaceships and even the smell of the decaying alien bodies. We have excellent witnesses who have been aboard craft that seem to be solid hardware. We have witnesses who have been harmed by UFOs and have proof of the encounter.

  2. The strategic positioning of these objects.
    We now know the military was alarmed for a long time at the recording of UFOs visually and on radar at all the major defense facility. These secret documents strongly suggest these object were extremely interested in our atomic bomb build-up and monitored and sometimes interfered with our nuclear missiles. This was not only happening here it was happening around the world. ….UFO bases anyone.

  3. Planetary ETs are a fact.
    Although the human race hasn't gone to the stars we are ETs. In seventy years we have visited practically every planet in our solar system. We have walked on the moon a few times. We have landed craft on the Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Phobos and Titan. We have sent a message, by way of a space craft, to the stars. We did all of this with chemical rockets. What will the next thousand years bring in this technology?

  4. Corroborating evidence. We have tons of radar and other instrumentation that have reinforced the report of pilots who report seeing detailed craft not just lights. Solid object that return radar signals. These craft do everything possible to evade capture and as some pilots know for a fact…these craft will defend themselves.
  5. UFO landings trace cases.
    Over 3700 hundred cases of UFO landings in America alone. The landing were investigated and chemically analyzed with pronounced differences in the soil retention of water. Some of landing sights stay barren for decades. One landings, of several craft, was witnessed by a whole family. They watched as these several craft lifted off of their field and returned to a large mother ship cylinder above.
  6. The government lies.
    No other subject has produced so much government subterfuge and contradictions as the UFO subject around the world. Touted as nonsense publicly UFOs were not only thought of as a security threat, before the gag rule was imposed, the first investigation, commission on UFOs, "Project Sign" concluded the best explanation for UFOs was they were "interplanetary craft".
  7. The Paranormal itself.
    We all know there are similarities between UFOs and the paranormal. We know that similar lights are seen and recorded that do not seem to be planetary craft. Some of what the UFOs seem to do makes you wonder if they aren't paranormal. This reaction, by us humans is so natural it has beenl predicted by visionaries and science fiction writers a like for over half a century i.e. - That alien technology would probably appear to humans as if it was magic.
  8. Some UFOs produce nuclear radiation that has burned people and possibly killed them. This type of radiation implies technology. Radiation at UFO landing sites has been so well documented that in the MUFON field training they instruct you on how to use a Geiger counter.
  9. UFO failure.
    UFOs have been witnessed and reported by hundreds if not thousands of people in different stages of failure while in flight. We have reports of object with flight characteristics of a troubled aircraft. We have these objects on fire, dropping chemical substance with sounds of grinding machinery and we even have crashes. This continuing example of what seems like failed technology indicates we are dealing with an imperfect but advanced species.
  10. The need to go to the stars.
    It seems human beings have been called to the stars from the beginning of time. This need may be a part of the human intelligence, a driving force if you will, that can't be squashed even in low budget times. It seems to be part of survival and if you know the universe that need is always right on. Suns die and planets die. If there are intelligence like us they must have looked at the stars and said what is up there ten thousand years ago.

So for me the theory that some UFOs are Extraterrestrial in origins seem to be backed by a great deal of powerful evidence. So at this stage in my life I have no qualms telling anyone that may ask…. I think UFOs are from the stars.

Below is some examples of A DVD produced by Paul Kimball on the "Best Evidence - Ten Top UFO Sightings" Redstart Productions. Worth the money.


  1. Joseph,

    I began replying to each point you made, but realized that there was a recurring theme that was best approached as a whole.

    An actual physical UFO craft does not necessarily mean it is "ET" (as we commonly understand the word). On the other hand, there are those that believe that UFOs are not 'machine-based' craft, which I think is what you are actually arguing against.

    One of the theories is that these UFOs are from a different dimension than our own. If this is possible, wouldn't it also be possible that they are able to visit here by use of some sort of machined vehicle?

    Another theoryt is that maybe they are native to earth and live within the oceans. If this is possible, they too may have vehicles that are nuts-n-bolts craft.

    As we understand more and more that the universe is a lot more fascinating than we previously thought, its hard to totally discount other possibilities. We may even be being visited by both kinds of UFOs - vehicular or not. Inter-dimensional or interplanetary.

    Now, I admit, I'm playing Devil's Advocate here. I think many of these UFOs are *probably* ET in origin. But I also think there are some other kinds of aerial phenomenon that are not interplanetary at all, and may very well be native to our vown planet Earth.

    I don't know how much I buy into the hyper-dimensional argument, but I have no evidence to say with certainty that it is isn't happening.

  2. While I tend to agree that the UFO phenomena is ET in origin, it is hard to be 100% certain.

    Richard Dolan and others have put forward the possibility of the existence of a human or non-human parallel civilization existing alongside our on the earth.

    We've all heard or read the reports of underwater and underground bases in various places. It makes you wonder how many of the UFO 'occupants' were born on earth in these bases doesn't it?

    An alien presence stretching back 1000s of years must have produced some number of individuals if not a nation born on this planet rather than their planet of origin. We could have real 'terrestrial' non-humans, natives of the earth whose ancestors traveled here long ago. A colony, an outpost, an occupation force, or what have you.

    I think logic dictates that if they have been here for any length of time that they have bases and they have reproduced here creating a native contingent of their species.

    Would these individuals still be controlled by the governments of their respective planets? I wonder about the social political implications of this whole business. We aren't dealing with individuals. We are most likely dealing with nations or organizations indirectly through agents of a foreign extra-terrestrial government. I think this is an important thing to consider when you think about the motivations and actions of the UFO phenomena and whether they are friendly or trustworthy.

  3. Dear Trained Observer,
    Bases on earth seems so logical. This I think explains why they were so interested during the second world war and when we started exploding the bomb. I don't agree with Stanton Friedman that exploding a bomb would be of such great interest for ETs 20 light years away. But if they had bases here on earth a world war or nuclear war could cause problems.
    As far as Dolan's theory I have a sight with an article you should read. Go to:


  4. Dear Interstellar Housewife,
    These theories have weight my reasons are simple. We don't know there are enties who can come from other dimensions or any other explanation you put forth. But we do know a planet with intelligences who as they become more technological become more interested in going to space. This objects have not only been witnessed on earth. Many have been seen on the moon. And if you go to Mars Anomaly Research web site there seems to be similar objects in the martian sky and let's not forget the Russian attempting at landing on Phobos. How big did they say the object was that took it out was.. 2 4 miles long.
    Of course I could be wrong and I am willing to admit it. I just side with the guys and girls at Roswell I believe the best explanation is they were alien bodies.
    As you imply the universe is more mysterious than we can imagine. I know if I live long enough I will be surprised a dozen times over.
    Who ever they are I hope they show themselves soon humans are so predictable and dangerous it would be nice to know someone made it.

  5. Joseph - first off, I do understand why you believe they are ET. And I too believe that most of these UFOs are probably ET in origin, as stated. The argument was more directed at the 'we don't know for sure' angle.

    We don't know for sure that an ET race may have developed the technology to get here (however probable), anymore than we know if dimensional travel is possible (however improbable), though (I kind of hinted at this in my reply) my mind is a bit resistant to the idea of dimensional 'beings'. We also don't have proof that we *aren't* the only ones 'out there' where space-faring beings are concerned. Of course, I think it's silly to believe that we are the only ones, but there it is.

    ET is probably the 'best' explanation, as you say, from our current perspective, but I don't think other possibilities can or should completely thrown out until we have some sort of evidence that definitely tells us otherwise.

    I cannot fully commit to a belief unless I know for certain what is going on -- and none of us, save possibly the military, know whats going on. It's all assumption. Assumption sometimes based on decent theory and events, testimony, etc... but still assumption.

    One thing I am really not comfortable with is throwing in the whole 'Trickster' thing.

    Anyway, as always, another thought-provoking UFOMM post! keep it up, Joseph!

  6. So, my friend who ran his car off the road because an 18 inch UFO dive bombed his car, was that ET?


  7. Thank you Interstellar,
    I agree with you and the door to who is really here will always be open till this phenomenon is solved ,if ever.
    I also agree getting here from another star is big deal, but the sad thing may be that they are not ETs and if that is the case I think you could make a good case that star travel has never been achieved out there and we will never know in real time what is on other planets.

    As for the Trickster who knows it is true that many cultures depict God as as deity that plays tricks.
    Some tick playing ET.
    Thanks and your comments they are right on.

  8. Dear John,
    I don't know, however there was a case investigated by scientist from( NIDS National Institute Of Discovery Science) They investigated a UFO ranch. The book about that was produced by a journalist and one of the scientist that was a participants, It is called "Hunt For the Skinwalker" In that book the rancher describes balls of light some very hostel and aggressive. That ranch was also experiencing UFO phenomenon. Could UFOs use these globes to watch or distract someone or even chase them away. Very possible. A police officer went through exactly what you are talking about the basketball object It is a famous UFO case. A ball of light hit his police car and than sped away. The town still has the car and will show it to investigators.
    Globes of light are also reported in paranormal investigations some have been videoed.
    What ever he experience he is not alone.

  9. Are you referring to the Val Johnson case from 1979?

  10. Yes I think that's the case. They had a update on one of the UFOs shows where Ted Phillips went to the town rather recently and they showed him the car less the dead bugs. The strangest thing about the bugs is they were stuck all over the car antenna which was hit and bent by the thing. There was no way to bend that antenna without disturbing the dead bugs and the bugs were not disturbed.

  11. I vaguely recall something like that - so yeah I think it's the same case - where the officer was unconscious for a bit, right?

  12. Yep, he was out. Tt the time of the show. he was no longer a policemen The captain said he was a good cop and believe and believed his report completely.


  13. Thanks for your sincere postulation. Nevertheless, after studying the UFO phenomenon for more than a decade, I find it increasingly difficult to match the ETH with the complexity of the facts reported through the ages in association with this bizarre manifestation. Picking up your 10 reasons why UFO have an extraterrestrial origin, I'll present some rebuttals. I don't want to defend any theory (I don't have one) or to change your beliefs and conclusions. My intent is to contribute to a sane and healthy debate.
    1- Many UFO reports mention characteristics that defy any kind of known machine flight (objects that disappear instantly on spot, into the ground or through trees, as if no physical contact/barrier existed). I won't comment on the stories regarding to the capture of flying saucers and their occupants for no factual evidence has ever been presented to support them.
    2- It's a fact that the phenomena seems to show a penchant for military nuclear weapon facilities. But there are also a lot of UFO sightings reported around electrical stations and even garbage dumps (no kidding). What does that mean? I have absolutely no idea, but that's certainly no proof of an ET origin.
    3 - This is almost a truism. Extraterrestrial life must exist throughout the universe. That's quite different from saying that they're coming here.
    4 - Radar tracking evidence may just prove that, in some cases, the UFO are solid objects. Nevertheless, not being a radar expert, I can't say for sure that the physicality of an object (in our scientific sense) is a sine qua non condition for a radar echo.
    5 - The massive number of landing cases is, to me and many others, a factor that puts the ETH aside as a valid possibility. If an extraterrestrial race was visiting us, why would they need to land at least 3700 times (possibly many more due to the high degree of unreported landings) on Earth? Is it to study the life and environment? With our current technology we can study a whole planet just with a few probes landing and orbiting around it. After all why not land in a covert fashion if their intent is to hide themselves from our sight? This point surely raises many doubts.
    6 - Until now, no proof has come to light proving that governments know more about the nature of this phenomenon than anyone else. I'm sure some reports are kept secret for whatever the reasons, but I'm confident that the military and government are as puzzled as the next guy with all this. What we know is that some agencies around the world have used the UFO phenomenon for covert purposes (hide various weapon tests, psychological warfare experiments, etc), but that surely doesn't mean they have the answers to the mystery.
    7 - Arthur C. Clarke penned that concept. We also know that UFO sightings are frequently preceded and/or followed by other paranormal phenomena, both on the psychological and physical levels. Once again, that is no proof of an ET origin.
    8 - Surely radiation doesn't necessarily imply technology. Look no further: our planet is filled with naturally radioactive substances (uranium, for instance). It's a mistake to link radioactive energy with technology.
    9 - Almost all crashed UFO reports are entangled in such a web of lies and misidentification that makes them unreliable (Roswell is a good example). I'll wait till some physical evidence is presented to believe them.
    10 - That's a good philosophical assertion, but the urge to leave our planet doesn't mean that we can actually do it. Even more difficult would be interstellar or intergalactic travel. For now, that is exclusively the stuff of dreams.

  14. Dear Carlos,
    Thank you so much for you counter points they are valid. Le me just point out some other points. There have been ten or eleven death bed confessions by military personnel who were stationed at Roswell. They were there at the time of the crash and kept there word of silence till they were dying. These men told their relatives that Roswell was a "spaceship" and their were bodies of "little creatures". Now the relatives of these brave officers did not seek the limelight through UFO researchers. Cary and Schmitt of
    "Witness To Roswell" fame decided to visit the families of those who had dead.
    Another Point:
    I ask you to think of whether you believe the paranormal is just here on earth? Is it a universal phenomenon. Humans seem to think almost anticlimactically this phenomenon to just humans. What will happen in the next 1000 years of paranormal investigation on earth. Remember every few years the technology to measure the different energies in nature are vastly improved. Ghost hunter even now are using those same instruments to capture this paranormal phenomenon like never before. So what of the aliens there is no paranormal there. I believe if there is a soul in us they have souls too. Wouldn't they, as intelligence creatures investigate this, and maybe even know what it is. Also many UFO craft seem to be able to change their degree of Mass. Do they employ paranormal dimension to get around? Going into the ground would be child's play. I also believe our UFO ETs employ a great deal of disinformation themselves to confuse curious minds including: Holograms, intentional staging to confuse what they are. Your point that UFOs disappear on the spot means very little in an age when scientist are experimenting with bending light to make objects disappear. Many believe it will be done. Of course UFOs would do what we thought impossible otherwise they couldn't get here. The point is could our scientist be missing something? Right now they can't explain, as of yet what 73% of the universe is made out of. Also dark energy... something that repels gravity? There is a difference between back-round radiation and what has been recorded at UFO landing sites sights.This is something I think you should read up on. Many times UFO researchers will go back to the spot where there is no longer any radiation, hardly possible if it is coming from something natural in the ground.
    Thank you for your comments they are important additions to the conversation on this subject. After all is said and done the UFO ET questions is still open for debate.

  15. Great points Carlos. I think the conundrum of the great multitude of landings is a good one. You also have the great number of contacts and abduction cases to consider.Why so many? It is a valid question.

    I think the answer could lie in several areas:
    a. It isn't just one group visiting us. It appears to be many with some more active or visible than others. Some of the objects and occupants may indeed be robotic explorers of a class we can't match yet.
    b. Some of them aren't really visiting, they live here or are based here. There may be colonies.
    c. We don't know what they are really doing. Our ideas of planetary exploration may not be theirs ... and most likely aren't.

    The real question, I think, is whether the UFO and the surrounding phenomena are controlled by a non-human intelligence or not. If they aren't, if they are some misunderstood natural or psychological phenomena it would be just as important to investigate and understand the phenomena.

    I think the bottom line is we don't know the origin of the phenomena. Don't government documents seem to suggest they believe them (true UFOs) to be under intelligent control and to be of ET origin?

    Also, to me there is little distinction between Extra-terrestrial and Extra-dimensional and I don't understand the big fuss. I think it may have some origin in superstitious belief systems.

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