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Tips before and after you see a UFO

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There is one thing I know from my many years of reading on this subject, and that is, what a UFO witness should, and shouldn't do during, and after, a UFO sighting. Of course, most people don't plan on seeing a UFO, or if they do, never report it. But, for those who may

One important rule to remember is when you see a UFO alone it usually means nothing but a footnote in UFO history. The exception to this rule is when professionals, police, pilots, etc. experience unknown objects and report them. These trained professionals obviously carry more weight. Unfortunately, for the rest of us mortals, reporting a sighting may not get any real attention and may be dismissed as prosaic even though you're certain it was not. That can be rather frustrating if you really want to know what you saw.

Below I have some pointers to help you become more of a master of your sighting rather than having your sighting master you. I don't say that lightly either. There are many instances when people experience a UFO and their credibility and honesty were instantly challenged. For what you may ask? The answer is simple: because they saw a UFO. I know, thank God, there are people out there, individuals, who will stand up and report what they saw regardless of what other people may say or think.

  1. If you see a UFO keep your head.
    The problem with seeing a UFO is the event becomes so startling that the witnesses are not using their heads. They forget they have the means, in many instances, to prove the event really happened. I met a scientist on a cruise once. He had one previous experience. He told me once he witnessed "shiny spheres" shooting along the highway in front of his car. His wife and family didn't believe him. We became friends and he started to delve into UFOs. Now he is a strong supporter of the realities of UFOs. About 6 months after we met the whole family was in their car when they had a daylight sighting. His wife and family no longer doubts him. He called me on the phone right after the sighting. The important point here is they had a video camera and photo camera in the car but the shock of what he saw gave him total "UFO amnesia" and he forgot he had them. Photos and video are important, but nothing beats independent witnesses with their own evidence. So, if you see people watching the same object it would be very smart if you could exchange phone numbers with them, or at least get their numbers.

  2. Write down all the information you can about the sighting before you report it.
    Jot down all the specifics: the more detailed the better. Make sketches of the object: color, size, shape, and movement. Include also an estimate of the degree position the object in relation to the horizon and also compass directions. If it's at night take notes of any stars or planets near your sighting. Many phones now have compasses and make it possible to go on the web. You can use them to find not only the positions of the stars and planets, but also satellites, their times and positions.

  3. Never lie or embellish your UFO sighting.
    You never know how important your sighting will become and there are people out there in media just waiting to discredit you. If you think they are stupid you'd be making a big mistake. One of the great witnesses to Roswell known as the "Mortician" lied about names of the nurse and his story changed over the course of time. Although his original statement had been repeated many times in the town years before any publicity, his inconsistencies were fodder for the skeptics. It is perfectly understandable if a person wishes to hold back certain aspects of the sighting till that person is comfortable with his/her investigator. For years ranchers never spoke of seeing landed disk and entities, even though now they claim they had witnessed them during times of mutilations. They claimed they withheld that information because if they had said anything people would have thought they were crazy. Hey, you know something… they're right. My strong suggestion, in that case, is to be upfront with the investigator right away. State your position as plainly as possible; that you are not comfortable with sharing everything at this time. This will save you a great deal of grief if you decide to reveal it later on. I say this as a student of UFO history; it is the best way to go.

  4. Report your sighting.
    MUFON is the best place to report your sighting. They have some great field investigators and they have a much better system of tracking the progress of a case. As far as MUFON getting back to you quickly, the more MUFON investigators in your area the better chance you have of your case being looked at quickly. The other place to report a sighting is the National UFO Reporting Center. Although NUFORC will take your sighting they don't investigate. They will, however, notify MUFON if a report looks very interesting and or is part and parcel to other UFO sightings in the same area (flap).

  5. There is a big secret in UFO history.
    In the beginning of UFO investigations if witnesses claimed multiple sightings at different times, that person would have been considered too far out to be of interest. That has changed tremendously. Many of our researchers now know people do indeed have multiple sightings. The point here is you may want to go back to the same area the next night (most of these types of recurrences happen at night) or, in those rare instances, the next day. If the sighting was at night, go a little earlier and take pictures of the area in the daytime concentrating on any objects in the area: trees, hills, and manmade structures. If you can measure the distances to these markers of course that would help. Your trip will not be wasted even if you don't see anything.

  6. Reporting a UFO publically can be dangerous to your career.
    I am not self righteous enough to tell people to endanger their career over a UFO sighting. If you're involved with government contracts, or any place where "they" can hurt you or damage your career, don't give your name. I suggest you report the sighting anonymously with MUFON. MUFON will keep your anonymity. Anonymity is one of the pillars of MUFON. Simply put they can be trusted and in their training (which I took) they stress the importance of maintaining anonymity when requested. Why even report it if it's anonymous? Your report may bring other people out of the "UFO closet." This may mean they also report their sighting confirming what you saw. Believe me you will feel better if other people witnessed what you witnessed.

  1. Look out for the media.
    The reality of the world is the media will try to trivialize your report. If your experience ends up bringing attention and you are interviewed, they usually bring debunkers on after you are interviewed. Try and counter in your initial interview the objections to your case these skeptics may make. Example: if Jupiter or another planet was close to the same area of the sky as your object mention that, because, you can be sure, if you don't, they will… In other words ,cover all your bases. If you have any professional standing that could lend credibility to your sighting, mention it ( if you can). If you are allowed to counter the skeptic, challenge any ridiculous statement they may have made, (there usually some) and keep your head; USUALLY, DEBUNKERS KNOW LESS THAN YOU ABOUT UFOS. Don't be intimidated, they are bluffing.

  2. Getting money for your experience has it's headaches.
    Suppose you have that rare UFO experience so profound, and well substantiated, it receives a thorough investigation with even the possibility of a book deal. What should you do? Obviously in this illustration the investigation went well for the person, in other words concrete independent evidence that something did happen. Now, it gets complicated. People may push you and pull you all kinds of ways. I suggest you remember why you reported your experience(s) in the first place…it was probably a selfless act. Stay true to that integrity above all else, in your testimony, and even with the lure of more money. If you do this you will certainly be in good standing with the UFO community. You can bank on that.

  3. What happens if you are asked to speak at some UFO conferences?

    That of course is up to each and every person to decide. I can tell you what I have observed at conferences. The support for well documented cases is phenomenal. Each one of them is perceived by most of the UFO community, as a break in the wall against humanity's ignorance. There are some people in our community that seem to have their own agenda, whatever the hell it is. These people will question any human weakness you have. This type of unfairness doesn't go unchallenged with most of the UFO community; they will support you in every way.

    Is it worth it? The strongest evidence we have points to Extra Terrestrial Vehicles. They have continually monitored the Second World War, our nuclear buildup and our trips in space. They have even shot down missiles. At this very moment they are being witnessed and recorded all over the world. We've had an American hero who walked on the moon stating emphatically and publically that ETs are here. When UFO craft and its occupants turn out to be a public reality your UFO experience will take on a significance you could hardly have dreamed of.

    Above all else, people of the world, report UFOs because knowledge is power.


    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog

    Note: Nasa has proven those rocks from Mars do after all contain life.

    The Mortician From Roswell

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  4. Robert Durant defending the Roswell witnesses: Roswell Yes!


  1. Good stuff and better counsel, if I may, Mr. Capp.
    >> AVG Blog --
    >>> U F O M a g a z i n e --

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, I see this is kind of old, I'm really scared. Have pictures by not up close, I was so scared and in shock.. Will be on look out tomorrow, will report if I get a video this time. Honestly was scared for my life.. Why would it stop in front of me like that? I want no harm in this

  3. Here some other "tips" I've gleaned from various sources.

    1. Never signal a UFO. (See the Allagash abductions, etc.)

    2. Never approach a landed, crashed, or beached UFO/USO. There are numerous accounts of radiation burns and reactions to toxic substances. (See the Piney Woods Incident, etc.)

    3. Don't touch anything you suspect as being of extraterrestrial origin. Doing so puts you under quarantine laws with possible fines and or imprisonment. (See Title 14, Section 1211 of the Code of Federal Regulations.)

    4. Don't smile at UFO occupants as showing your teeth may be misinterpreted as aggressive behavior. (This from Greenbank's, The Book Of Survival.)

    I personally don't know how I would react if I had an encounter but I suspect that I might despite everything, signal, approach, and handle a UFO while grinning like an ape if given the opportunity. Well ... I'm pretty sure I would. But they are good tips none the less and shouldn't be ignored by more reasonable folk than myself.

    1. Don't be afraid,when you will see one you will be fascinated not scared :)

  4. Dear Trained Observer,
    That was great i really rolled over on that one. Sir you have a great wit about you. Have a great holiday season. I will be back from vac. on 19th with a post on some true accounts that will shake you to the core.


  5. Greetings Joseph Capp. I was advised to ask you about an incident in which a UFO shot down missiles. Your assistance in obtaining further information would be appreciated. Thank you.

  6. Joe:
    I am Luis from Peru, I sent you two e-mails with the links for the videos. Please confirm it.

  7. Dear Kitty,
    I just got back today from a cruise 12/18/09, I will get you the info as soon as I collect myself.
    Thanks for stopping by.


  8. We have a lot of night time overhead flight activity in our area. Some are loud whilst others bearly make a sound. I've watched these crafts for sometime now and feel that all is not what it seems. So many low flying silent crafts. What are they? Where are they going? Not very far it seems!

    1. Me and a friend of mine saw one. Well I saw it first cause he was on his phone...I was sitting in the passage seat he was in the driver seat....was just looking out the window and when I went to look at the spot I just looked at 3 secs before....the was a disk shape UFO just sitting here in the sky then I poke him and ask him if he see that and he looks and says yea I see it...then it started going up and down and we got out and just watched it then it stop going up and down and stood there for 5 mins then slowly started moving to the east of us and we watched it until we couldn't no more and got back in the car and just looked at each other....we was talking bout aliens and UFO when it just pop out of lights...wasn't scared or worried bout them harming me heart was beating fast tho.....just seems like they were just sitting there invisible until it decided to make its self known. Cause wasn't nothing there b4 I stated looking the other was a weird but cool feeling cause I think they knew what we was talking bout and they just started messing up by going up and down then moving away slowly.....usually they take off fast when sum1 sees them but they didn't! Happen in Louisville ky bout 3 mins from my house! I knew we wasn't alone but I never thought I see a UFO and I have been seeing others but they were way up in the Sky...but this one was bout 10-20 feet away from us when we saw it!

  9. Okay so basically i'm sitting in my bedroom with the window wide open it's dark and so quiet and there's something like opposite me in the sky quite high up and it's flashing like red and blue lights sort of and everytime i look at it, it's like its flashing quicker and moving. I was just listening to music doing normal things and now I spot this it's kinda weird. i know it's not a plane or some star, it's really something ive never seen flash like this before?

  10. Waooow!! Nice blog, this will be greatly helpful.
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  11. can anyone tell me, i have just got back off holiday and took some video of across the see, and something flashed by. when i paused the video it looks very much like a ufo. what should i do with the video??

  12. Hi like your council on this subject as i fell alone with this issue,i spotted a ufo afew months ago now around june this year,grabbed my phone and took pics ive sent them to mufon and have a case number.How ever i have multiple sightings nearly every day and have many more photos to prove what im seeing,my fear is why me and is anything going to happen,i took pics with flash on on one occasion and i believe it spotted us and it stopped and changed colour from luminous white to red and felt threatened by it,i do have the pics to prove it.Also got burst photos on a different day.My main question is why in my area of the world,and why do they keep coming back.


  13. Last night around 11:20 am I saw 4 red objects over Augusta,Ga near Fort Gordon. I saw the objects from the window on my kitchen and thought it was a helicopter. When I went outside to see it was dead silent. No noise at all but the objects were still flying over.

  14. Ok, here goes. I had spent the weekend at my sons house near Annapolis Md. I woke around 3am on a Sunday morning. Got up put my robe and shoes on and went outside for a cigarette . It was a brisk cold morning and still very dark. The sky was full of stars. There was a group of stars with one being much larger than the others. I thought how beautiful. Then it started to move. My first thought, shooting star. Then it stopped...sattle light? Then it started coming forward, towards my direction. I was suddenly frightened. And I thought I can see it and it can see me. The moment that thought crossed my mind it took off at super speed and was gone. I was terrified. Ran in the house, jumped in bed and pulled the covers over my head. Realizing how ridiculous that was I went back to peek outside and it never came back. There was no noise and it was brighter than the brightest star. I have been obsessed with finding out what it was that I saw ever since. I'm not crazy, it wasn't a dream and I know what I saw.

  15. I've seen too many ufos, now it's just normal to me, my problem is that I can't really be bothered writing it all down or documenting them. I have seen ufos with friends, last night 16/3/17 myself and a friend saw a ufo shine brighter and brighter zig zagging a little bit changing direction, then it appears to turn around and head back out into the cosmos, slowly dimming until it turned a feint red, then gone. If also seen ufos firing at each other as if they were dogfighting.. I know humanity will wake up soon it's inevitable. I'm not scared of the Government they should be scared of us. My name is Michael Straatman I was born 1990 and reside in Australia, Victoria in the countryside. It's time we take the next step.