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Do Aliens See Ghost?

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Then take me disappearin' through the smoke rings of my mind,
Down the foggy ruins of time, far past the frozen leaves,
The haunted, frightened trees, out to the windy beach,
Far from the twisted reach of crazy sorrow: Dylan

There seems to be a strong probability that some humans can see and communicate with ghosts, i.e., the dead. This sensitivity is well documented by some respectable scientists. As reported in the great book, "The Afterlife Experiments," scientist Dr. Gary E. Schwartz ran controlled experiments with the best known mediums in the country. To counter the debunkers claims of hoaxing, "by leading the person", the recipients of these readings were allowed to only answer "yes" or "no". Most good mediums do this anyway. After the results, he advocated for continuing scientific research into this, Dr Schwartz concludes:
"It is true to say that the experiments of the University of Arizona have brought forth remarkable events – so many in fact, that to dismiss them is commit the ultimate scientific sin" Of course the new breed of scientist are courageous and did nothing.

This science of "spirit" detection is tangible; this force is something that has been measured in the field and in the lab. I ask though, is this sprit communication, along with other paranormal human abilities, a part of all sentient evolution? Does it continue and get stronger?

Make no mistake about it, UFOs and Ghosts have an association. UFOs have been witnessed over gravesites and over sacred Indian burial grounds many times. The paranormal and UFOs are so intertwine at times, that many think they are the same. When you did deeper into the sightings you know they are not.

Let's jump out of the box for a while and imagine that some ETs evolve to a place where when they travel to any planet with their nuts and bolts technology. They also bring along their ability to communicate with the planet's dead. What a tale our dead could tell…right? We better hope they don't judge us by what our dead reveals about the real us.

So, what would this all mean… if the brain evolved the mind to a place where these abilities are taken for granted… like taste and smell Can any of us image what it would be like? Where science and the "paranormal" existed side by side.

There is one other point I would like to make. All over the world these "Spirit Shamans" see other entities not just humans spirits could some them be aliens souls ETs, mad as hell because they're stuck here on earth? "Elementals" are thought of as older than the human race. This may be true, but not because they are demons, but because the planet is older than earth.

"Sleep tight kiddies"

I know a atrueorignal just loves me to discuss "Skinwalker Ranch":) so here's a video clip Dedicated to her and Aliencasebook.

Also Kudos Bruce at "Intangible Reality's from whose post "Ghost And UFOs" which help me think of this.

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