Sunday, September 6, 2009

UFOs: The Smell From Rendlesham Forest

They were more right than they knew when they said the Rendlesham UFOs experience was the British Roswell… because once again, just like at Roswell, they are calling our brave Military Officers idiots

UFOs bri
ng out the best and the worst in people.

First, I want to get something very clear, especially to the morons in the press that keep running stories on the Rendlesham sightings…the UFO sightings experienced at Rendlesham did not… I repeat did not, take place on one night. It was a series of nights.

This post is also aimed at the other two morons who claimed that they were the real reason for the "Rendlesham" UFOs. Each of these two guys, who don't know each other, claimed that they were mistaken for UFO at the base. Even if you entertain the nonsense that trained security officers mistook a police car or burning crap for a sustained UFO sighting, then what happened on the other days?

Come to think about it, didn't these two morons notice each other while one was driving a police car in circles and the other was burning poop?

Whenever there is a famous sighting you have people coming out of the woodwork saying it was really them. None of the debunkers entertained the theory that these people are just hoaxers wanting their own 15 minutes of fame. But turn it around to a UFO experiencer and everyone that is pro UFO and involved is a media groupie according to debunkers and the media.

For all the people out there who think going public with a possible UFO spaceship story is easy I asked you to go in tomorrow to your boss and friends and tell them you saw a spaceship land and find out how much fun it is.

I believe these Rendlesham explainers are lying for media attention or had abnormal memory lapses.

This latest character's explanation for Redlesham has got to be the funniest..

Now let's get this straight, a 29 years ago a guy who lives near Rendlesham finds that he has stolen fertilizer in his truck so he burns it to destroy the evidence. Now as he was driving up the road where these Security Guards are watching they mistake his burning truck for UFOs.

First, why burn the fertilizer near military security guards when they would call the local police? Do any of the idiots who have written these articles know what bird dung would smells like when you burn it. I guess the smell was left out of the Security Officers report.

Also how many nights did he do this; three nights? He claims this happened on one night, the UFO sighting at Rendlesham happened over a series of hours and on different nights. For these Military Police to see this fire from the fertilizer for any length of time he would have had to be driving that truck 1 mile an hour.

As Salvo, who I love, the 3 year old child down stairs, who adopted me says…."Are you kidden Me!

Far from putting the Rendlesham UFO mystery to rest, as some of these articles suggest, this
has just underlines the fact of how stupid the media has become.

Hey, Peter Turtill, burning stolen fertilizer makes you the type of person who breaks the rules when it suits them. I don't expect honesty to be your strong point. Let me tell you som
ething else though, Simple Peter:
Burnt fertilizer does not shoot a beam out at you… nor does it hover above the trees. It doesn't spit into a series of lights and than come back together again. It doesn't leave radiation and holes in the ground and it sure as hell doesn't look like a advanced flying triangle that has just landed.

Photo Of landing area in Redlesham Forest:

Original Drawling of Triangle

Let's talk about the other moron who decades ago felt it was fun to drive a police care up and down a road to scare military security officers guarding atomic missiles at Christmas. It is very interesting to note while this guy was supposedly playing this hoax the base was on high alert during this time. This makes Kevin Conde either a fool or a liar.

"The base was on high alert because the Russians were about to send armored vehicles into Poland to stop the solidarity movement". "Left at East Gate"

Does the skeptical groupie community buy this or can they think for themselves?

I know most of the UFO community doesn't.

Lets dispense with the police car flashing light theory from Kooky Kevin once and for all:

This is the view the Military Guards had of the UFOs. The road is clearly visible:

"Conde's claim to f
ame is that he drove a battered 1979 Plymouth Volare standard issue American police car, down the taxiway,where he stuck the spotlight on, after sticking red and green lenses on it. He then drove the vehicle around in circles, in the fog and put on his PA loudspeaker, whilst flashing his car lights. He claims this was the basis of the famous 1980 Rendlesham Forest UFO incident. Let's examine Conde's testimony. It doesn't take a genius to see the flaws.

1.. Conde can't recall the date of his alleged prank. If this is so then how can he claim he was responsible for the 1980 incident?

2. Conde says there was fog on the night in question, but there was no fog during any of the incidents that week.

3. He says he played his loudspeaker, but the UFOs were silent.

4. The car he used for the prank was a 'battered 1979 Plymouth Valarie.' Let us not forget that incident took place in 1980, which means the so called battered police vehicle would have been less

than a year old at that time.

5. Conde claims he played the prank on the taxiway! The incident did NOT take place on or near the taxiway, but inside the forest. And let us not forget that the UFO was first seen falling into the

forest, which prompted those at the East Gate,John Burroughs and his sergeant, Bud Steffans, to think it was a downed aircraft. The lights, of course, were not going up into the sky, but were falling

down from the sky.

6. Conde says he was unaware of the Rendlesham mystery until he looked up his old base on a US military website. If this is the case then how could he claim that as far as he was aware they found

nothing above background [radiation] levels?

7. USAF personnel usually work in pairs when patrolling the base in vehicles. I'm assuming he was patrolling the base, and if so then he most likely would have had a partner that night. Who was that

person and why has Conde failed to mention him?

8. When asked about the metallic spacecraft and [ground] depressions Conde pointed out that a large helicopter had landed the previous night, apparently with three landing skids. Conde obviously hasn't seen the USAF photographs of the landing site showing the three ground indentations being examined by a British police officer and USAF Captain Mike Verano. For anybod yinterested, these are available n my book on the case entitled 'You Can't Tell The People' available at:

Was there really a 'large helicopter' capable of forming three depressions in a triangular pattern? And if so, then why would the USAF alert the local constabulary to the landing site. Surely a USAF captain would know if these indentations were formed by one of their own helicopters. And why would a 'large' helicopter land smack in the middle of the forest, and even more important, how was 'a large helicopter' able to land amongst the trees.Kevin Conde, a part-time police officer in Sacramento, says, "I was amazed. I had no idea about all this nonsense." What nonsense? At least the witness's testimony is backed up by ample evidence."

If we were to switch roles and have kooky Kevin reporting seeing a UFOs that night and his story had this many contradictions, there would such a shout of "hoaxer" by everyone, debunkers, their groupies, and even the UFO community that we would never hear from Kooky Keven again.

Because his tall tale is touted as an explanation for the UFOs sightings this bull crap story is still communicated as an answer to Randleshame and is it still out there.

Once again the greatest insult has been level by these people and their supporters on all of the American Military Security Officers who guard our most sensitive military bases here and overseas. It basically says they are fools.

Sound like Roswell; you bet it does?


I ask any Military Officers out there who can prove these Officers or any others were not fools who have had UFO experiences to come forward out of sworn silence, what better reason or time to change your mind….Fertilizer?

In the final analysis what we have here is two con artist and the stench of yellow journalism… nothing more.

DVD Clip Redlesham Beef without the Bull:

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  1. You make a good point about Peter Turtill's integrity considering he claims to have been burning fertilizer.

    It's almost joke how the media and skeptics try to explain everything away as something 'normal'. It seems that most people are gullible in some way. Whether they be the type to believe any fantastic stories they hear or the type to believe any ho hum explanation the skeptics come up with. With so much confusion, it's hard to know the truth about much of anything now.

  2. Dear Jeff,
    If I have to choose which story is more credible I will go with those who were well trained and have everything to lose when they go public. The Security Officers of Rendlesham and the Intelligence Offices at Roswell deserve better treatment and respect from the media. One other point... we know they were there.
    Thanks Jeff

  3. Peter Turtill's story smells just about as much as a load of burning fertilizer does.

  4. Dear Rndvsr,
    You can't say it more simply than that.

  5. It's disconcerting to know that those charged with guarding a base containing nuclear weapons were obviously high on drugs. It's that simple. No space aliens, just LSD slipped to them by Spetsnaz operatives intent on breaking the fourth protocol.

  6. It seems that not all military officers get briefed on UFO protocol. When UFO activity is mishandled (released to the public)as in the Roswell and Rendlesham cases, disinformation, witness discrediting, and manipulation of the media are used as damage control. Airline pilots and military personnel know that reporting a UFO often brings ridicule, suspicion, and unwanted transfers. I think Vallee once said that less than 10% of all UFO sightings are ever reported as a result.

    The policy of discrediting highly qualified and dedicated military personnel is despicable to be sure and only goes to show how highly classified UFOs are and what those in power will do to control that information.

    If you read Richard Dolan and listen to people like Steve Deyo you get the distinct impression that "civilian" and not governmental or military bodies are in control of UFO information and research. (Greater secrecy could be obtained by privatizing UFO information and research and thereby mask things from normal congressional and military oversight. Company secrets, trade secrets, closed R&D, etc., etc.)

    If international non-military civilian groups like the Bilderburgers or the CFR (see comments of Dr. Dr. Eric Walker Volume II of Dolan's UFO and the National Security State) are in control of UFO information and research then it is easy to see how any number of military personnel could get thrown under the bus without hesitation although it could be argued that governmental and military organizations throw their members under the bus (tank, IED) ever day.

    I may just have hit another low point but over the past couple of weeks I have come to the conclusion that the UFO enigma is unresolvable by the average man on the street. To truly be "in the know" a person would have to be "invited into" the circle. A person would have to have a certain skill set or circumstance that brings them to the attention of this group and fills some specific need that they have. Dr. Eric Walker is reported to have said two of the requirements for being in the know is an intellect akin to Einstein and a working knowledge of ESP. That leaves me out and most the military personnel of every nation on Earth.

    I think the nature of the truth about UFOs and what they are doing here is so revolutionary that the control group is terrified that the social order would be so disrupted or transformed by its disclosure that they would be made ineffective and therefore will never voluntarily give up anything. A released NSA document from the 60s suggests that the true fear is that human culture and society will be absorbed into the more advanced ET(or whatever) society and lost. Historically this is what has happened whenever a significantly advanced civilization encounters a lesser advanced one on Earth.

    Until such time as the occupants or the originators of UFOs reveal themselves to the population as a whole in some irrefutable manner the control group will continue to ruin the lives of good men and women trying to do their jobs.

  7. Dear Trained Observer,
    Excellent comment. The only thing i would add to that is the ET equation. They are displaying themselves all over the world. Some say they have done this before that is true. But now there doing it to a world that may prove that they exist. In all the stories of ETs reading minds why would they demonstrate for a group of scientist for 40 minutes in China. I do not believe the ETs are ignorant of what goes on in our world. They knew they would be spotted. So that leaves us with the strong possibility that they did it on purpose to scientist, the one group that could prove they are real. Is this a form of conditioning to the inevitable?
    As I said previously a Generation 3 or 4 night scope will see the heat signatures of UFOs even if you can't see them with your eyes. I have witnessed 6 separate UFO sighting in one night. I point this out because we are getting very close to being able to spot them anytime. I can't imagine what the government has to track them. But if recent big sightings are any hint the Military are there very quickly as if they know they were there right away.

  8. Search for "UFO Santa Monica July 2009". It is a incredible looking video of something that looks like what they describe in the second Rendlesham video around 8:12. A big read glowing eye dripping what appears to be molten metal. It looks like the eye of Sauron and is probably a hoax but I am struck by the resemblance to what they described in the forest. Like the fellow says, "Weird!"

  9. Dear Trained Observer,
    What a great video. If this is genuine it fits the bill. If any one wants to view it here is the link, thanks to T. O.

    Thanks Again

  10. I just found this excellent interview with Peter Robbins on the Rendlesham incident.

  11. Dear T.O.
    great podcast thanks and I recommend it. This is par for the course for MUFON. Recently they were down in Mexico. You I both know there is fantastic UFO cases down there, with tons of people, video, and very credible witnesses. What did MUFON's director J. Carrion do, debunk one of J. Maussan's cases. Everyone knows Maussan can be gullible about this subject. What a waste of money.
    Instead of trying to prove UFO are real J. Carrion seems to spend more time proving they aren't.
    Thanks For that.

  12. The different stories that have come out over the years,ie Kevin Conde hoax,Fertiliser Truck,Lighthouse all go to PROVE that the truth has never been told. The sceptics will quote any of the three when asked for their opinion. They will then call intelligent critical thinking people "believers", for even considering the possibility that the witnesses saw what they say they saw. What the sceptics never mention is the fact that when incidents like Rendlesham occur, they start of as routine events, when the sec police went out into the forest, it was just an everyday routine event. Then, something extraordinary happened, lets face it, before people start talking about aliens, something very, very strange indeed HAS TO take place before people start going there. Everyday people dont start blaming everyday events on UFOs and aliens untill something extraordinary occurs, it just doesnt happen, and I for one, believe the witnesses, when they say something extraordinary DID happen! Even Kevin Condes statement about where he was on the night in question doesnt jibe with where the witnesses were when they saw the craft, despite that little line on wikipedia where it says "believers" have misquoted Conde and taken out of context remarks by him down through the years-yeah,right,you sly old fox whoever you are!

  13. Dear Anonymous,
    Thank you. It is people like you, those who look at the facts, no matter where they lead that makes a difference. Those who grab on to threads to hold their story's up fall flat on there faces. Only true skeptical believers would accept face value someone burning fertilizer as the answer. Wouldn't burning fertilizer have been smelled by these guys. I don't remember anyone mention a small like burning anything.
    Let's face it we have counter the most ridiculous explanations on the public forum.
    Most of it is nonsense but we have the banter constantly. Every few years we have another joker coming out on the classic UFO cases giving us another explanation. I think Roswell has about thirty now.
    Thanks Again

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