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Those Magnificent Aliens In Their Flying Machines

Many of the arguments against UFO are laughable. For instance debunkers will constantly emphasize mistaken identity. They do this on the media even though they know most UFO researchers agree. Most Ufologists believe 80% or more of sightings have natural explanations. This tactic that debunkers use, that of pretending your adversary doesn’t do his homework, is an old ploy. Your adversary ends up always on the defensive.

But there is something very wrong with this argument, mistaken identity, when you pit it against some UFO reports. Sometimes, these UFO witnesses see more than lights in the sky or featureless objects. Sometimes they see detailed “machines”. And some of those machines are beyond our technology. Let’s take a look at some of these reports and decide if these UFO witnesses could have been mistaken.

This close encounter from the small book, “Appalachian Case Study: UFOs Sightings, Alien Encounters” by Kyle Lovern, is very interesting because of the great detail.

Dave Campbell was hunting in 1968 he came upon a hovering triangle above the trees. He had just finished high School and had enlisted in the military to be sent into Vietnam. On this day he was about to get the shock of his life. “It was no more than 30 yards away. I know this sounds crazy but the best way I could describe it is it look like the bottom of a Norelco shaver. I watched in awe for several minutes.”

He emphasized how the sides of the object were smooth and rounded it’s body like matte-aluminum silver. It was also emanating a loud whispering sound.

“There are what appeared to be three rotor blades; one mounted on each corner. The one nearest to me (with internal rotating blades or fans) began to drop. Then. in response to the rotor movement. the whole object moved smoothly in a westerly direction out of the hollow. To be honest at this time I was scared to death….I watched as the triangle object went out and over my parent’s house” It was much bigger than their house.

“…It was then that I saw that the rotor blades, complex coils or whatever they were, starting to change.” He watched as the bottom rotors dropped down modifying the direction the object was going. Simultaneously the silver grayish object began to move in a forty degree angle as it departed. “When the thing began to move, it just shot off like a rocket and was gone in seconds.”

Dave had another sighting after the war, which seems to be a pattern with people who have had such a close encounter.

There are only three answers to what Dave witnessed which I can think of: hoaxing, insanity or he told the truth. He witnessed an advanced flying machine. Of course, this could be dismissed if it wasn’t one of so many of the close up encounters where advanced machines are reported.

Early 1970s-Taken on Arizona/Utah border by Henry Rowland:

Here is a case which was explained as psychological by Project Bluebook. This is from a book called CE-5(Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind) by Richard Haines, PHD

Air Force Lt. J. Long was driving about thirty miles from Tonopah NV when his car engine quit suddenly. As he go

t out to look under the hood he heard a “steady high-pitched whining noise.” As he looked toward the noise he noticed four disk shaped objects sitting on the desert sands, 300 to 400 yards away. He started to walk towards the objects and this is how he described them. “The four objects were iden

tical – each glowing brightly with transparent domes on top. The objects were fifty

feet in diameter, eight to twelve feet thick, and were supported by three half round landing gear about two feet in diameter.

” As Lt. Long continued ap

proaching the objects he got within 50 feet of the objects when the high pitch inc

reased to the point where it hurt his ears and the objects started to lift off. “...the protruding gears were retracted after the take-off.” This is what a flying machine would do- retract the landing gear.

Photo was taken in December 1957, by the radio officer aboard the naval ship S. S. Ramsey

Another Interesting case because of its timing:

Location. Near Tres Coracoes, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Date: January 13 1996

Time: 0800A

Traveling north on the heavily traveled Fernao Dias highway 35-year old Carlos

da Souza suddenly heard a muffled roaring sound, and he wondered if something was wrong with the truck. He stopped to check, but when he stepped down from the cab he realized the noise was coming from a cigar-shaped craft about 400 ft in the air just west of the highway. It was silver colored, reflecting the sun, and appeared to be 30 to 40 ft long and 12 to 15 ft wide. It had at least four windows along the side and what looked like a big jagged hole four or five feet in diameter in the front. There was a long dent or crack running from the hole back to the middle of the craft, from which point white smoke or vapor was coming out. The craft was traveling north, almost parallel to the highway, at about 40 to 50 miles an hour. Astonished, Da Souza jumped in his pickup and followed the UFO for about 10 miles. It soon crossed over to the east side of the highway and eventually passed over some small mountains. Then it went into a 30-degree dive and disappeared from sight. Da Souza was afraid it had crashed and desperately searched for a way to get to the area. After 20 minutes or so, he found a dirt side road and turned onto it. A few minutes later he drove over the crest of a hill and there before him was wreckage spread all over a hilly field of knee-high grass. He also saw about 40 soldiers and two male nurses, two trucks, a helicopter, an ambulance and three cars---all Army vehicles. Everyone was busily running around picking up pieces of debris. One truck already held a chunk half the size of a mini-van. A strong smell of ammonia and ether hung in the air. It was a terrible crash and Da Souza doubted that anyone had lived through it. He was surprised to see anyone there, let alone the military. He didn't know at the time that the site was only seven miles from the ESA Army base in Tres Coracoes. He parked and walked toward the wreckage, thinking he could help. He picked up a piece of aluminum-like material that was very light. It floated to the ground when he dropped it. Then one of the men spotted him, shouted, and in an instant, armed soldiers rushed toward him, ordering him to leave immediately. He protested, thinking someone had been badly hurt or killed, but a corporal screamed at him to get out. Da Souza was so astounded by what he'd seen that he abandoned his trip and headed back toward Sao Paulo. About 10 minutes later he stopped at a roadside restaurant to have coffee and think about what had happened. He was sitting there two hours later when

a car drove up with two men in civilian clothes, but military haircuts and bearing. One got out and walked up to him, asked if his name was Carlos da Souza, then asked what he'd seen. He was then warned not to say anything to anybody and threatened, the men then left. (This occurred one week before the incidents in Varginha). This case seems to indicate the flying machine was damaged with a gash in it’s hull.

HC addendum
Source: Bob Pratt, Cynthia Luce, Mufon Journal # 365 September 1998
Type: H
Comments: This appears to have been the first of the Varginha incidents.

Another UFO report, rather recent, of a Machine happened in Texas:

“Friday, February 29, 2008-In early January, Ricky Sorrells saw something he could

n't explain. Nothing could have prepared him for it -- or how his life was going to change…The event that changed his life began, innocently enough, with a simple desire for a peaceful afternoon of hunting. Sorrells was easing through a stand of trees some distance behind his home. Between the dead leaves crunching underfoot and the briers brushing up against his legs, he realized he wasn't being as stealth as he could. He slowed for a moment and, casually glancing upward, continued on -- and then froze in his tracks. "I took a step or two, and then I realized what my eyes had seen," he said. "I looked back up, and there it was. It covered the sky; it covered as far as you could see ... as far as you could see to the left and to the right and out in front." He remembered his rifle and, lifting it up, looked at the object through the scope. He didn't see anything that resembled rivets, seams or welds.

“And the thing was huge. It was so big that I couldn't see the edges through the canopy of the trees. I couldn't see past it. I started looking at it, all the details. There weren’t anybolts, no rivets, no welded seams. It was smooth. It was like a barn gray, (INAUDIBLE) a sandy gray.

It had cones protruding, going up into it, bigger at the bottom going up to smaller at the top. It -- actually, it took off like this. In my mind, I would have thought it would have raised up to take off for some reason, but it didn't. It remained flat and it took off at a 45-degree angle. And that was it.” This case was so significant that Sorrells claimed he was hounded by helicopters and even threats after it went public. This type, and other types, of harassment have been reported by quite a few witnesses who come forward with detailed encounters.

CNN Transcripts:

Rick’s Sketches the details of the Bottom of the Triangle.

There are hundreds of reports like these - flying machines with gears and landing pods and some equipment you can’t name. One case has stood the test of time more than any other the most famous case: Betty And Barney Hill:

“Approximately one mile south of Indian Head, the craft rapidly descended toward the Hills' vehicle causing Barney to stop directly in the middle of the highway. Opening the car door for a closer look, he pocketed his pistol and grabbed his binoculars. The craft descended to approximately 80-100 feet above the Hills' 1957 Chevrolet and filled the entire field of the windshield through which Betty was observing. Barney stepped away from the vehicle and moved closer to the object, which shifted like a pendulum from the west side o fthe car, east above the adjacent field. Using the binoculars, Barney claimed to have seen about 8 to 11 humanoid figures who were peering out of the craft's windows, seeming to look at him. Suddenly, with military precision, all but one of the figures moved to what appeared to be an instrument panel as though they were about to perform an important task. The one remaining figure continued to look at Barney and communicated a message to him to "stay where you are and keep looking." At that instant red lights on what appeared to be bat-wing fins began to telescope out of the sides of the craft and a long structure descended from the bottom of the craft. The silent craft approached to what Barney estimated was within 50-80 feet overhead and 50-100 feet away from him.

So, could these witnesses have mistaken these objects for any of the bull crap fodder explanations thrown out to the media by way of debunkers and scientists? There are too many credible witnesses to be just lying. There are so many of these machines sighted and reported that debunkers have to scramble to find an answer. So what is their answer? The only answer they could find: “secret aircraft”. But, from long ago, machines have been sighted and no matter what era the reports come these reported air machines are still technologically superior.

Location. Proskurov, Podolsky region Russia
Date: December 24 1912

Time: evening
The mayor of the village of Vyhilevka was walking towards Proskurov when he saw a dimly lit "machine" on a nearby field. He came closer and saw two men standing next to it, who seemed to be wearing military uniforms. The mayor asked the men who they were and where they were from but received no reply. The men then chased the witness and caught him dragging him inside the "machine", despite his protests. In the air the "pilots" asked the mayor numerous questions but he refused to answer. Soon the object landed and he was released near the city of Bar 60 km from Vyhilevka. The "machine" then disappeared in an unknown direction.

HC addendum
Source: Mikhail Gershteyn
Type: G?

Machines mean structure, a material world, the need to be enclosed in something for protection. This shouts to high heaven that this is Extra-Terrestrial who have societies like young earths. I believe anyone seriously investigating this subject should never, discount or apologize for believe that beings from other planets are the best explanation for many UFOs

Video: Brentwaters And Their Machine:

Part One

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Part Three:

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  1. Hi Joe,
    Paying the oppositional advocate toward my own theories as well as yours, one recalls Frank Lloyd Wright's famous quote: "The devil is in the details."
    Any postulation is not immune to refutation with the exception of a situation where the evidence outweighs the subjectivity of any theory. Unfortunately, there are three standards of alleged objectivity at play, one derived by individuals, another by consensus and yet another by governmental and\or scientific organizations.. None of which are in sync with one another to any great degree to the extent that despite the quality of evidence, the debate as to whether they exist has yet to occur, let alone the next debate to follow the first, which is the varying theories as to their nature.
    I think the issue is one that is comparable to that of quest for the grail of a unified field theory in physics. Perhaps there is none. Perhaps we have a stew of paranormal,empirical,spiritual and physical phenomenon that we, by attempting to stuff round pegs into square holes in unifying them, we might equally find that one size does not fit all. Then again, I am not as certain of this, however the evidence seems to point in several directions at once.
    Best Wishes

  2. Dear Bruce,
    When you have a very reliable story of beings dying from these craft you start to wonder what is real and what is not about these entities. If ETs were here and wanted to stay hidden but knew they couldn't what methods would they use? Many times these close sightings seem to be the results of craft in trouble.
    We have no problem with the idea that ETs may have posed as God's in the past why not now? Hiding in plain sight is a cool deal. Pretend your paranormal and the subject is approached differently. You are a phenomenon not a threat to security. Don't you think Bruce these Entities know the attitudes of our power structure and most people toward these subjects. The Paranormal is felt differently it is so mixed in with God, who most believe will protect us against this supernatural danger, that it includes an escape rout emotionally, and spiritually.
    Extra-Territorial means science, cold and calculating not faith for most of our population. It is a direct threat to our world and many faiths. It is so layered with possible threats that we know intuitively we would never have a chance untill it was to late.
    They would be smarter than our smartest...think about that.
    Most of our intelligent citizens would know that. Most of our well read citizen would know what happens to a less developed race when exposed to a more highly more developed race.
    They know now without doubt that our government will never disclose so they do what they always do...pretend.

    Thanks Bruce