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UFOs And The Young, Part 2: The Young Respond

So here's where I write from...A place of respect for those honest people who came before, so that I may learn from the past, believing this knowledge will help me in forging a understanding of the UFO experiencer and the UFO researcher, alike.
Joe Capp UFOMM

Quinn writes:
I saw my first UFO when I was nine years old. I was coming home from a Broadway show with my best friend and her family, and we were driving home on I-684 Northbound. There was a huge white light in the sky, stationary. It resembled a massive star, but it was far too large to even conceivably be one. After about ten minutes of the light just hovering in the skies above us, I watched as it split in two and began a slow descent toward the earth. What happened after that I don't remember, but I do recall my friend’s parents pointing at the same light and asking each other what it could be.

Since then, I have been fascinated by UFOs and the very real possibility of other intelligent life in our universe.

When I told this story to my 8th grade Earth Science class, my fellow students mocked me and told me I was crazy. Since then, I haven't told that story to anyone-- until today.

My fascination with UFOs was always a quiet one. I read Night Siege: The Hudson Valley UFO Sightings in high school, and was amazed to see that some of the pictures were taken by my neighbor, in my hometown.

But I never shared my findings with anyone. In that same science class, I used an FM radio and an oscilloscope to listen for objects entering our atmosphere. I told the science fair officials I was looking for meteorites, but I was really hoping to catch some sort of UFO. In high school I wanted to work for SETI, but was deterred by my parents…"It's not a real science". "That's hogwash – there's nothing out there". The internet proved to be my only resource and outlet. On the internet I could find hundreds of like-minded individuals where I would be taken seriously, and not ridiculed...There are people that I can go UFO 'hunting' with. I can be taken seriously, for the first time.

James writes:
I'm a 23 year-old extraterrestrial enthusiast. I've been really into making contact with extraterrestrials since I was a little kid. I would never miss an episode of “Sightings” and would check out every book from the library on supernatural, anything, no matter how much it was polluting my mind.

At this point it would be nice to extend what amateur research I have acquired in meditations on this subject with other like-minded people or not like-minded --those willing to listen and build a network of communication on the subject of extraterrestrials and establishing contact with them. Meditation may be a very practical means of communication…to extend yourself beyond this space into another, further, distant one...beyond our solar system, into worlds beyond our stars, bypassing all of our physical limits in the vessel of the imagination…

I know the very nature of the UFO phenomenon in all of its hyped commercialism has been attached undeservedly to New Age or esoteric interests, but this is only because the mind of the explorer and the spirit of wonder are akin, with the energy of creating dreams …the energy that fuels the research. I think if it were possible, any means....everything ...should be looked at closely…I think that it's important to attract young people to the subject of general extraterrestrial investigations. I believe shows like “Sightings” and “Unsolved Mysteries” worked like a portal, directing the mind to that tunnel, and the minds eager to learn more would do so. It could be possible to be open about the reason a function is happening, but maybe add a few elements that would attract younger people…
So, where is the UFO community going? The future of any group has always been the young. The UFO community is close to becoming barren. If all the older UFO researchers and conferences attendees were to die tomorrow --God help us-- all the conferences would end and MUFON would close its doors. And that would also mean all good, detailed UFO reports would be left to the media to interpret…

Do you see where I’m going with this? How dangerous our failure to attract young people to Ufology really is? Not only do we need young people to keep us going, we need them because they think differently than we do.

James Carrion, MUFON Director, speaking at the 27th Society Of Scientific Exploration Conference, mentioned specifically the importance of the Skinwalker-type phenomenon. This is a breakthrough! In the early days of NICAP, this mention of apparent paranormal phenomena would have not been taken seriously.
And this breakthrough brings our old school ufologists’ generation closer to the same realization that many youth involved reading and researching more on the paranormal side have already made.

Anti-establishment thinkers have always been needed in our world, so many of them have been geniuses in disguise! And we need the young to bring in these new ideas.

But for someone going to college or with a first job, $500 or $200 hundred dollars can be impossibility. Yet most UFO conferences range in this amount.

As UFOMM reader Bob Koford commented about Part One of this series:
I have been invited to several UFO Conferences, but have never been able to make one. It is amazing to me how all of these other people can afford to travel around so much, and attend all of these events. When you add up the air fare, the hotel stay, the food, etc., it becomes exorbitant. I have a family to support, and have never had enough time, or capital on hand to attend, though I wish that I could. There's just no substitute for being in a one-on-one discussion, with those you respect, when the subject matter is so deep.
Of course many of us are retired. Few can go to most conferences. Many attendees have had good careers, in the military, in big corporations and government. By the way, this is the big secret of UFO conferences: many attendees have sharp minds and never saw a tin foil hat.

Meanwhile, the UFO phenomenon is still out there defying anyone to explain it.

Vidoe Clip Dedicated Young UFO Researchers:

We have an obligation to the young to be honest about what information we have and what we speculate about. Young people can usually tell BS a mile away.

Another plus young people bring to our community: we don’t have to shy away from the ET controversy that obsesses old school ufologists. We can say that UFOs exhibit all the characteristic of a far advanced technology. We can say they seem to be piloted by beings which are not human. And we can show reports prepared by trained individuals and the photographic and digital imagery made by everyday people, the proof we have right here, right now: intelligent entities taking off and landing on our planet with technology that we haven’t dreamt of.

Young people may ask “But what chance do I have to prove they are real? What chance do I have if UFOs are so advanced?” We can tell young people that their best chances will come from the foundation of those meticulously researched cases put together by old school UFO researchers, world-wide. Why? Because these foundational reports prove over and over that whoever they are, the Entities associated with UFOs are not perfect, and no matter how advanced, they make profound mistakes. Those mistakes made by the Entities --along with the variety of phenomena-- leave plenty of room for every kind of question, and demand a bright, new generation of Ufologists!

So, my young friends, you have every chance to discover the most important news on Planet Earth --the news that we are not alone.
Joseph Capp
UFO Media Matters
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  1. Yes...the news that we are not alone, but sharing this universe with what, or whom? So many times the topics are headed toward mediums, and psychics, which are supposed to lead us into "contact" with these beings. Are these the right folks for the job? Is it because they can "sense" telepathically? Maybe...but it also hints at, what I feel may be, another problem: Who speaks for us as human beings?

    My personal interest lies with the nuts-and-bolts aspect of this phenomenon, because it is apparent to (not just) me that our government, and others, have taken the position that we need to defend ourselves from "them". This could very well be the proper posture to take, but without open reason leading the discussions, how would we know? Can we get to this point in the discussion without the mediums and the psychics? Please don't misunderstand, because this is not meant to attack these folks. They are just people too, but the interested young need to see the whole picture, and help us to find ways of keeping people of different beliefs "in the know", without giving the appearance of showing favoritism toward mediums, and such, or having to necessarily travel into any religion as being a part of it, at all.

    As a teenager, I remember so well reading the different UFO mags, and even back then wondering why advertisements to join the "church of satan" seemed to always be a part of their advertisements. Did that express the true nature of it all? Did it present the wrong message?

    These aspects are unavoidable, in that they are a large part of the current equation. Is that all there is? Is it a "done deal"?

  2. Joesph,
    Right on. I think its inevitable that the spectrum of interests that this phenomenon represents ranging from the conspiratorial, to science to the paranormal, mythology, cultural and sociological...are so ripe for a young, curious mind to explore that with a little energy acknowledging them as participants, would be a good antidote to rote learning..and encourage their curiousity about the world they live in.
    Best Wishes

  3. Dear Bruce.
    I just found out what some young people are doing and it is already different and great. Would you believe a person at the convention brought 35 thousand dollars of extreme night vision binoculars 8 in fact. He handed them out. All week he did this for free. Most of the days they went out they caught one or two. We caught many including fleets and even one displayed for us by shinning very bright when we flashed it with the laser pointer and immediately changed direction and rolled and one flipped. We could see all this with these night vision military type binoculars. 3200 dollars for each pair and way worth it. We are thinking about buying one and passing it around so we can video them in different states. You can attack a camera to them. It was a extremely exciting nights and I am happy I saw some. they can not hide from the heat I think that is why we will have contact.
    Bruce the young are out there and there doing it in the field not in the archives like I pointed out. It was WOW!. People that had gone to that conference since the beginning were saying it was the best one.
    I love the young they are our future and they will do it there way. Thank God
    UFO media Matters
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  4. Thanks I figured
    I am wrting it for this weekend. I won't be able to have the video though but I can do that later on.


  5. >Young people may ask “But what chance do I have to prove they are real?

    When are Humans going to figure it out, forget about trying PROVE that ET are here. Anybody with a brain knows that ET exist in the cosmos. Even the scientists are beginning to cognize that fact as more and more exo-solar-systems are found. The latest is less than 15 lyrs distance from Sol.

    The real question to be asking, regardless of age, is WHY ARE THERE SO MANY CRAFT HERE?

    Not for science, they have been here far too long for that, so what are they here for?

    Robert Freitas (Ph.D., theoretical physicist, CalTech, inventor of nano-technology), when I asked him what he considered to be the most important aspect of ET presence, after weeks of deliberation, he told me, "When you understand the ET energy problem, you will have solved a major peice of the ET problem."


  6. Dear Joseph,
    The reason I think we need to prove ETs are here is to get these cowardly scientist to start to look at this. It is also for the witnesses. They suffer the laughs, destroyed careers and even death because no one believes them. I will not abandon this quest I believe we need to help people understand that this is a human sociological condition and empathy toward the witness and experiencer rather than contempt is warranted. Until that happens by both scientist and laymen you will see my posts. By the way nice quote.
    Joseph Capp
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