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"The Call Of The Wild": UFOs And The Young Part One

By Joseph Capp
"But I was so much older than... I'm younger than than that now" Dylan
Tribute To James McDonald Video Clip below

Young people are interested in UFOs. At my NY UFO Meeting Group, it was mostly younger people who showed up.

Starting a meeting in NY was insane. Couldn’t get a private room, so we ended up meeting in a restaurant. Privacy was gone immediately. Even brash New Yorkers didn’t want to be subjected to ridicule discussing UFOs in public! We were lucky, however, to get a private room for just a couple of weeks, and that’s when the meeting took off.

Young people from all over attended, bringing video they took themselves. We found out New York City is definitely having sightings.

By the way, the people who stayed were knowledgeable about the subject, and very open to new ideas. There were genuine exchange of theories on what the UFO phenomenon could be, and some debate. It was good and refreshing to see. The group’s rules were simple: respect each other and no commercialism. Many of the people who attended can not afford to go to the conferences, but that didn’t mean they weren’t dedicated to getting to the ground truth of UFOs. In fact, two of them and I went to the MUFON training in NY. Since then, one that I know of has passed the test and is now an investigator for MUFON. She has now started a MUFON meeting in NYC.

That meeting gave me a great deal of hope for the future of UFO research. Because of illness and family tragedy I was unable to keep the meeting going in the winter. I intend to start the meeting up in March.

So what am I getting at here?

I read a post by Nick Redfern with a rather bleak “certainty” about the next 50 years of UFO research. Now, it seems Nick “knows for certain” what will happen in the next 50 years of UFO research and it’s the same old same old:

I like Nick. He is all that is right about the future of UFO research. But I’m a lot older than Nick, and I have this bit of advice from the long-view perspective: if you want to live a long time and help the future of UFOs… work at making the research right.

Before I go on about youth and UFOs, let me make an observation about these old-school UFO researchers, the ufologists.

In spite of a powerful, half-century long disinformation campaign by the US Government, in spite of ongoing ridicule of media, character attacks by debunkers and obsessed non believers and believers alike, they’re still standing. Add to this oppressive array of attackers and deniers the further attacks by often-politically controlled mainstream scientists. In spite of it all, the old school ufologists were still willing to continue to do the leg work. They suffered personally, professionally, and economically --but they’ve been busy keeping the UFO question alive and remaining respectful to the witnesses they talk into going public.

The honest, old-school UFO researcher has a lot to be proud of , and he/she represents a big part of UFO witness legacy. When the truth is known, I hope the old-school ufologists finally get the credit and public gratitude they deserve.

I am not certain about anything --like Nick. But I have much more optimism than Nick Redfern does. There are some very smart young people out there, some will become scientists, and I believe it won’t be as easy as in past years to keep these younger scientists inside the rationalist box.

We have to admit the next generation of scientists and ufologists has been exposed to more paranormal information and research than in any time in the history of the world. These young people are ready.

Look what happened in America … We had a damned peaceful revolution --through the ballot box. This revolution was inspired by and the energy and perseveranceof our young people. WOW!
Group of Young UFO investagators in Peru:

Out at an investigation:

Some fruits of their labor:

I have always believed that we have really failed the young. If there is lack of inspiration in the UFO field, whose fault is it? If we don’t inspire young people about the wonder and possibility of the greatest mysteries of all time, then we can’t inspire anyone. The way I see it, we don’t even try.

The younger established UFO researchers like Nick have a challenge if they want to take it. They are better equipped to do the legwork and communicate effectively with young people all the possibilities streaming from our growing body of UFO knowledge. And then the young people will imagine even more possibilities, themselves.

We can certainly tell our ufology successors about the dangers --like becoming too dogmatic about any idea, about filtering out witnesses because of preconceived notions, about discarding facts because of the ego of the presenter, or the personal economic or professional position of the witness.

I am not a blue skies kind of guy when it comes to the future of ufology. I see that the future presents great challenges… and many who want to evade the truth on all fronts.

But let us look at what is really happening now and put our prejudice aside. And remember, I believe non-commercial is a better way to go.

New evidence for hope: these recent UFO investigative TV shows are great, not perfect but great; for me they are also culture shock. Boy, did we need these a long time ago.

Think about the resources these TV shows use. Think about how many debunking theories has been shot down in one single show. UFO Hunters “Lost UFO Files” is prime example of what can be done to entertain AND challenge the public on the range of UFO issues.

Video: Tribute To "The Last Scientist" Dr. James McDonald

Of course, one TV series is not long-term investigation. But the young have a big mandate, so many facets of UFOs, so many investigations to carry out.

For starters, what about these actual places, physical locations where UFO and other phenomenon seem to congregate, even with multiple contacts? Very little scientific investigation has happened on this topic of UFO geo-hotspots that also manifest many different paranormal phenomena.

The young who want to do something in this field need people like you. Nick Redfern “do the right thing” in UFO research: walking into the future by becoming part of the future young UFO investigator. Look what one young person did for UFOs”
John Greenewald …. One young student… one idea… next thing you know “The Black Vault” and the release of thousands of government files.

I’ll always believe the way out is in.

Part Two: Call Of The Wild UFO And The Young
What Can A Future Of Hope Offer?

Joe Capp
UFO Media Matters
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  1. I think this is a good issue here. I must say that I was comforted by your report noting that most of the folks at the NY meeting were younger. However, I wonder what you mean by younger. Do you classify Nick as younger? By my math he's 46.

    I say this because I am 25, I'm a musician, and I'm constantly surrounded by other open-minded artists and musicians. However, they really aren't interested in this subject. Sure, they'll ooh and aah over videos, documents that I might show them, but that's where it ends. They don't ask what it means. They don't look further.

    However, I don't share the same perception as Nick does. At the same time, I am worried about what it might mean if indeed we can't recruit more youth. And by youth I mean 18-30 year olds. That will keep everything alive.

    You're right about there never being a time in history where so much information has been available. However, we need to figure out how to get the youth interested in looking. Interested in caring.

  2. Dear Ross,
    Nick is around the age of your relatively new young UFO researcher. He is certainly closer to knowing what the young like then I do and he certainly has the experience. The young like him.
    Nick could train some people on how to do good investigative work. It would mean Nick would doing more UFO researching but that is good for us. In fact it would be good book or TV show. "Looking for UFOs" or something like that. In the last 8 years I felt many times the in the last 8 years what Nick felt ....but once again the power of idealism proved me wrong. The young were there to clean up our mess.
    There is people who see these things and are shattered they need good people to support their sightings and find out what this is. If how we do it needs to be change then the young will do it. Just give them a way. I think when you witnesses experience a UFOs they react differently. My friend and I both saw a daytime UFO a real craft very close. We met twenty five years later and he knew immediately what I was talking about when I asked him. But he was never a very curious person. He was a great person He was my friend and we great times together. But when I asked him did he ever think about what was. He said at first yes but he doesn't think about it anymore. For me it is one of the unanswered questions of my life... an answer that I think is very important. Just because people do not think it is important doesn't mean it isn't. But this takes a leap of understanding and consideration on the implication of what ETs could the least of which is civilizations survive and go to the stars. I have a million questions for them.
    Thanks Ross
    By the way Musicians are already obsessed they don't need another obsession:)
    Some of friends are musicians.
    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog

  3. Joseph/Ross:

    An interesting commentary on my interview!

    Yes Ross, you are right: I'm not exactly young anymore! Although at 44 (born in 64) please don't add another 2 years to my age and make me 46, as 44 is plenty old enough! LOL.

    I guess the chief issue here is my opinion on the future of Ufology.

    I would stress that my reasoning for believing that we won't have solved the UFO puzzle 50 years from now is based on 2 issues.

    First, it's clear that whatever lies at the heart of the genuinely unexplained UFO controversy, it has been with us for a very, very, VERY long time - maybe 1000s of years.

    In all that time, it has been careful to remain a silent-partner among us - not coming out into the open, not openly helping us, not openly being hostile.

    Similarly, those in the official world (defense, military and intel) who are sitting on the secret have shown no evidence that they wish to come clean with us, and admit that (a) they have blatantly lied to us for years; and (b) confirm that UFOs do exist.

    So, when we are faced with a situation where the "visitors" seemingly have no wish to reveal themselves, and the official world has no wish to come clean, it is solely down to the UFO research community to get the answers.

    Unfortunately, all the UFO community has done (and I class myself in this category) is to collect a lot of data that is highly suggestive that "something" is "going on," but not once having actually secured any firm proof.

    I have done that, Joseph has done that, Stan Friedman has done that, and more than 50 years ago, Keyhoe did that.

    But none of us has ever conclusively proved anything or resolved the puzzle.

    Yes, of course trends could change - and maybe they could change drastically over night.

    But I have seen, heard, read etc for years and years (I am 44 remember Ross LOL) that "the truth is coming," that "we are nearly there," that "the aliens are going to reveal themselves," and/or that "the next president is going to reveal the truth."

    But it never, ever happens - ever!

    Could it change? Yep, an accident, a crash or a document that surfaces which proves UFO reality could happen tomorrow.

    Do I think it will? No. Will I continue to actively investigate the subject to the best and deepest of my ability, with fresh, continued enthusiasm? Definitely!

    But, I remain convinced that the phenomenon that has been a silent partner among us for 1000s of years will continue to remain that - a mystifying, unsolved enigma.

    Unless, that is, something unforeseen happens. Researching archives and speaking to witnesses is vital - absolutely vital.

    But all that does (and not to take away its importance, i should stress) is add to the data-base.

    But as interesting as ever-growing data-bases are, they are not proof that can be presented in a court of law or similar.

    And that's what I fear we will not find. Yep, 50 years from now I a certain there will be far more UFO reports, far more abduction reports etc etc.

    But will be able to see headlines on the front pages of the world's newspapers that *definitively* confirm UFOs exist?

    I wish, but I don't think it will happen.

    That's not being pessimistic or defeatist - rather, I am personally sure there is something very odd about the UFO phenomenon, that actively keeps the definitive answers out of our grasp.

    Ross: 50 years from now, you will probably still be alive, and I hope to be! LOL.

    But, if we are, I suspect we will be having this same conversation - sadly...

  4. Nick-

    My sincerest apologies for the two extra years! I'm not sure where I got your birth year but it wasn't right.

    I know where you're coming from; if the trend, as it has been, continues, we can expect more of the same, which as you've stated is an ever-growing database without an official disclosure.

    50 years is a long time, and I must say that to think we won't have made much progress by then is quite saddening.

  5. Dear Nick
    I think the problem with the idea that these intelligence has have been hidden so for long that they will probably stay hidden is; It assumes human history is about the same. It is not. There has been a tremendous speed up of technology in the last 100 years. I was watching the science channel and they predicted that if the rate of technological development continues we will be a thousand times further along then we are now in a 100 years. Unlike my UFO counterparts I do believe there are limits to being able to hide any technology. It may be time now. There are differences now... very pronounced differences. I think the young people see the hope. One other thing.
    How many people someone had said told the youth who back Obama in the beginning..."Not worth the effort...are you kidding...a black you crazy against Hillary Clinton....
    They would have sounded sensible to me...I would have been quite wrong wouldn't though.
    It always has been and always will be the visionaries.
    Thanks Nick for writing always a pleasure.

  6. Joseph:

    Yes, I do agree that a lot of younger people do have that hope.

    And, I would definitely want to stress that I don't see myself as someone who is jaded and has lost the drive to seek out the truth.

    I would want people to know that I am as enthusiastic and pushing for answers as much as I was 20 years ago - and possibly more.

    For me, every day is a new one to search for the truth.

    However, I fear that with the secrecy lid down so tight, and the visitors remaining hidden, I'm ust not sure how we actually *prove* UFOs exist - beyond just having a body of very interesting data (but ultimately not proof).

  7. Dear Nick,
    Yes your right, but instead of trying to prove UFOs to scientist maybe we should start thinking about the people... some of them... a great majority of them are always looking for a good cause. Think about the conferences. Could the conference speakers chip in for free tickets for the young. Could the conference speakers pitch in for a free conference so those who have very money could attend. Maybe once a year. You might be surprise what could happen, if it was announced You were trying to head up a free UFO conference with the leading speakers and you were looking for a place... who knows what would turn up.
    I met some young people in my group who had some fear in their eyes. Some of them had stories and were looking for answers. If the next fifty years is the same as the last 50 years that will mean to me, UFO researcher had leaned nothing from the past. I think Nick, you have proved already, that this is just not so.
    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog

  8. Joe:

    You hit on something in your response that is hardly ever mentioned, but I feel plays into a problem.

    I have been invited to several UFO Conferences, but have never been able to make one. It is amazing to me how all of these other people can afford to travel around so much, and attend all of these events. When you add up the air-fare, the hotel stay, the food, etc., it becomes exorbitant. I have a family to support, and have never had enough time, or capitol on hand to attend, though I wish that I could. There's just no substitute for being in a on-on-one discussion, with those you respect, when the subject matter is so deep.

    It isn't just young people being kept away. How many other nobodies, such as myself, have been unable to participate because it requires such an outlay of money that just isn't there?

    That's just another reason I enjoy blogs, such as yours, and Dr. Randle's, where we can at least exchange some ideas. You just never know when someone might come up with something new, whether they are young, or older.

    Thanks again for affording this exchange.


  9. Dear Bob
    Thank You.
    First I want to say to you I just sent out a message to the young members in my "NY UFO Group" mailing list to see if anyone would write the next post on this subject. Some of them have responded already. I want to also include your letter in that post, if you don't mind.
    Many at the conferences are retired people who have witnessed something profound in their lives, like myself. Many are technical people who worked for the government. Some are in late 30 or 40s military and secular with a powerful interesting in this subject either from a personal experience or curiosity. There are always a few young people...single and couples. Rarely do I see children...of course they would be bored to death. Maybe someday in the future they could have a play room attended by volunteers who take turns, (just trying to think of alternatives).
    The conferences can be exciting. There is always new stuff and you really don't here all the discussions that go on with the DVDs. The Speakers are all selling books and DVD and such at there tables but most of them are really accessible to answer your question to the best of their ability. I have never had a question be ignored by any of them even after I bought the books and DVDs.

    I know MUFON gives breaks to students. I think a free conference or one for donations would be great. Also maybe they could get some of the high profile people to put some money up. I know some celebrities are passionate about this subject. There is one thing for certain if we all start to fall into there is no hope.. attitude it will certainly end up as a self fulfilling prophesy, that's if our visitors don't interfere
    Thanks Bob for hitting the nail on the head.
    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog

  10. Sorry I didn't reply right away, I got caught up in my music stuff.

    Whatever you want to do is fine, and thanks. If it sounded to anyone that I was whining it wasn't intended as such. Who knows what the answer is, but it was just always puzzling to me how much money seems to be wrapped up in something that is just so darned important.

    Thanks again for your helpful blog.


  11. Believe it or not many conferences loss money the x-conference lost ten of thousands. I really don't know the answer except some good harted wealthy person who may see this need does something about it. A New York UFO free conferce would be pheonmonoal. I know there are many young colledge students interested in this. "A minds is a terrrible thing to waste"
    The best minds have yet to investagate this phenomonon. The future is open.
    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog

  12. I recommend to all young people who are interested in the history of this phenomenon to read Dolan's, UFO's and the National Security State. It contains a wealth of good historical data, from Foo Fighters to Ghost Rockets and well beyond. Also Good's book, Need To Know.

  13. Hi Joseph. Interesting reading indeed and all the readers posts too.

    For a long time I have not been overly impressed with Redferns work - I'm thinking mainly of the IMO very unlikely hypothesis of his 2005 book about Roswell - but I find myself agreeing with most of what he says in this particular interview.

    In another of your blogs I posted a long comment which expressed very similar thoughts to what Redfern talked about in his interview. It basically deals with that internal disclosure (Gov't) won't happen and external disclosure (ETs or other models of lifeforms) is also not probable, looking at UFO and Contactee history. In 50 years, what we'll have is even more UFO research (data) and nothing to remotely resemble a paradigm-shift or something close to it.

    However I don't believe that the UFO-subject will largely be forgotten because it leaves such a profound impact on people directly involved with the phenomenon. Also, it's very obvious to see that the UFO subject has caught on with many people within the arts (obviously more spiritual and open than the average man) and going forward, they have probably more impact on what concepts are remembered and popularized than your average politician. So UFOs and its fringe subjects will be talked about. Proper research however is a different beast and I share your concerns about who will really carry the torch?

    I concur with Nick that our civilization is on the decline, partly due to the energy problem (which could rather easily be bridged if wanting to) but mainly due to the future shortage of cheap and abundant nature resources. What to do with the energy if we have less resources to consume? Industry and economy craves growth and that will very soon not be possible - even though its supporting base (the population) increases. We pretty much have to manufacture synthetic alternatives of everything (fish, woods, oil and so on) in the future if our (current) basic industry is to survive (and the western evolution of decadent lifestyles isn't to regress). Either that or we have to change our production to a holistic perspective - and that won't happen.

    Most likely will our society transform rather rapidly, albeit in stages, every time different (now seemingly) stable structures crumbles. For example oil shortages, disappearing woods and growing deserts, fish- and/or general food-shortage, polluted waters, flooded coastlines, serious problems growing current crops due to the greenhouse effect, overpopulation, environmental breakdowns like faltering eco-systems from history of systematic abuse and exploiting can cause epidemics, even more nature disasters (and on and on)... And this is not even taking into consideration Conspiracy Theories regarding direct manipulation, from the ruling power elite, using technology to depopulate or inflict chaos and war in predetermined areas.

    I'm 33 years old now. I'm also part musician. I'm spiritual but not religious. I believe most of the main concepts I describe will happen (or be on their way) within my lifetime. It's tough to be convinced that not much security awaits me as a senior citizen in 32 years time. On the bright side, I already know that I have to plan ahead for my retirement since little will be similar to what pensioners today are catered to.

    Maybe I side-tracked too long onto this subject here but I can certainly agree with Nick that UFO research (or more esoteric research) probably won't continue to be any main concern of mine in the future - when the shit eventually hits the fan, that is...

    I can save more for another time. This is getting long. Thanks for the blogs, Joseph. Keep 'em coming and I will comment!

    All the best,
    Daniel Bergh, Sweden

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  15. mAYBE young people are stupid. Anyone thought of that? AND so stupid they dont dig they aint gonna be young for long

    I am tired of this 'looking to the young' trip---I always think when you see Elders in Native communities how cool they are
    You dont usually get that thought 'old farts' like you can in ours hah

    But yeah, I mean this 'young thang' is gettin SO ridiculous that the ones who think themselves SO young, and BORED with UFOS etc as they play with their mobiles what everrrrrrr, well the REAL youngens that are growing up quicker and quicker look at the TWENTY-ers as old. Its a comedy

    I love that saying up there, and I copied it, though it seems mispelt so I corrected my version:

    "But I was much older then...I'm younger than that now" Dylan

    See age is not linear. you can get a real rigid UN-interested youngen who gets away with it cause they're ...err young, and yet an older person is full of life and inquiry which is supposed to be youth.
    They SAY they be dumbing them down (GATTO)

    let me tell you what really turned me onto really diving again into looking at UFOs etc. Try and search the video at Youtube 'Ananda Bosman Hadronic Mechanics and Entheogens'

    MAYbe a bore factor for the 'young' is that they see the UFO thing as cheesy like Startrek...? or the X Files? rather than digging it is ALL ABOUT CONSCIOUSNESS. That the subject of psychedelics and UFOs MUST come together. I know MKenna pushed this , but Anamnda greatly carries this theme on in mindblowing ways.
    As he said, it is highly amusing that you go to the UFOers with the psychedelic subject and they think it too way out, and the other side about UFOs too

    But yes, see the patternss---the radical is the re-imaginaning of consciousness, and you cant get youngerolder than that ;)))

  16. And let me add. To include of course ecological concerns with UFOs. I talk with young people at Youtube who are passionate about endiong civilization because they have seen what a fuck up it can be. And it is veery hard for many of them to accept UFOs etc because they associate it with technology?

  17. Dear Muzuz,
    I think the young did pretty good during the election. I knew many who were involved including the young ones in my family. Give them a good cause and watch out. They bring creativity, passion and energy. The UFO truth could very well be the most important message to ever hit mankind. To be on that bandwagon has to be worth a life's work.
    The UFO field needs help. Many of our researcher are getting along in age. Most new researches go over the old cases. To much conformity can be bad news for innovation.
    Thank you