Tuesday, January 6, 2009

UFO Leaks Here…UFO Leaks There…But No water

“you who’ve done nothing... but build to destroy... you played with my world like your little toy…Bob Dylan

You’re a CIA counter-spy. Your mission: disinformation that must be sold to your Russian counterpart.

No one outside a chosen few know what you really do. Not your wife, not even your commander when you were in the service. No one.

You’ve been trained well, so well you easily pass a polygraph. As for sincerity, you could win an Academy Award. It’s all about Believability. That’s why you were picked, after all.

By the end of the day, the Russian buys it. In fact, the Russian buys everything you had to say and all the documents you produced. You know the Russians will be chasing their tails for months, burning through key resources on a well-developed wild goose chase. Wearing out the opposition by making them spend too much, that’s just your secondary objective. Your prime objective is accomplished, too: keep your opponent from learning The Greater Truth, the real state of affairs.

I believe UFO researchers are being had. The UFO researchers I’m talking about here are some of the best and brightest, the most dedicated. They’re spreading countless hours with whistleblowers of all kinds. Start with Linda Moulton Howe: Linda has a new insider leak every few months. Then there’s the Camelot group, Exopolitics, with their whistleblower, and don’t forget the Disclosure Project, with their whistleblowers and many different leaks. Whitley Strieber and nearly every other UFO researcher has a favorite whistle blower. Not all of the whistleblowers are saying the same thing.

Then there’s this stuff:

The Theories abound;
on and on, ad infinitum.

Mister X, an anonymous whistle blower claiming to be involved in the defense industry was interviewed decades ago, and his statements were certainly shocking:
“He claimed that, back in the 1980s, he was employed by a California defense contractor as an archivist. Working long hours in a locked vault, he opened large mail bags full of photos, videotapes, alien artifacts, and volumes of top secret eyes-only documents that told the story behind Roswell, alien visitation and the government's careful handling of what was documented evidence of reverse engineering of alien craft.”

Mr. X may have indeed been telling the truth. The real tragedy is, we will never know. I am not going to debate with you on who’s telling the truth. Instead, I have to ask you: who is lying?

How many researchers who interview the whistle blowers claim these informants are sincere? In the end, what we can definitely say we have are a bunch of sincere researchers reporting on sincere whistleblowers who claim they are privy to a hundred different projects within our government. One whistle blower points this way, another that way. They may have verifiable backgrounds that back their stories…so?

Interesting how, on any given day, these leaks seem to confirm --or affirm-- most of the theories championed by major factions in the UFO community. Got a particular take on what UFOs mean to humankind’s religious development? There already is, or soon will be, a leak to affirm that stance. It’s all very convenient, and for me, it represents a kind of patronizing assurance.

Other whistleblowers divide their loyalties, they cherry pick what’s already out there among the UFO factions and communities, claiming all the other theories are wrong.

Some may point at their faction’s whistle blower and say they were persecuted or that their phones were tapped. Doesn’t this prove the government is trying to suppress it, they insist?

No, not at all. The government is just as likely to persecute an innocent person just to send the media and investigators on dead-end investigations. Of course there are good leaks, but when you have a whistleblower claiming to be a privy to the prime insider information, including sitting with presidents and so on, you have to say WHOA! STOP! I’ve got to say I need something besides just this one individual’s very personal claim.

So I think we don’t really take into consideration just how long the intelligence community has had to develop their counter measures on this issue. Yes, there were leaks in the beginning, particularly with pilots, that checked out as 100% verifiable. But apparently even Keyhoe was never able to know about the Roswell secret.

I still don’t know who is really in control of the world. I’m sure the people over there at Rense know… because hey, don’t anarchists know everything?

Frank Feschino, Jr., Stanton Friedman protégée, is writing some great books, like Shoot Them Down: The Flying Saucer Air Wars Of 1952. Feschino is doing a fine job examining old documents. We also have Tim Good and Nick Redfern, all researching old government documents. Even the UFO TV shows are upgrading their investigations a bit.

I love it all, but how far can whistleblowing go toward actual, verifiable proof?

Even a very dumb government intelligence organization has had enough time to bury any smoking guns by now.

The time, effort, and confusion that comes out of these leaks, I just have to wonder if it’s worth it.

And why all this really makes me upset is the rarity of in-depth coverage of the day to day UFO experiences happening to witnesses right now.

How many of these interesting reports just show up as blurbs in the local newspaper?

MUFON does not have enough investigators. New York City has, I think, just two. I’m proud to announce that one investigator just passed the test, and I know about her because she attended my NY UFO Meeting Group. MUFON presented, we met at the training, and she is now a MUFON investigator.

This trend to find the secret behind the secret takes over every UFO conference. Some of you are fans of that approach, you love it. You can find these Secret Behind The Secret factionalists debating which Ultimate Theory Of UFOs is most valid. Are they all true?

Buyer beware: isn’t there at least a solid chance that the top people in government intelligence are smarter than UFO researchers?

Q&A Panal At 27th Annual Society For Scientific Exploration
Conference Clips:

One of the greatest spies who ever lived was a man playing a woman. I wonder how many intelligent people never knew?

Any researcher who thinks they can’t be fooled lacks humility. Books on who is really in control abound. Take your pick: most of them have some fairly convincing documentation that seems to back up their claim.

Outside in the real world, there are thousand of UFO true stories to be told right now. There are places where primary encounters are being experienced on an ongoing basis. How many man/woman hours are being spent, chasing down these leads to... nowhere?

Joseph Capp
UFO Media Matters
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  1. Joe-

    Good points, and well-written. This is the problem I find, too. There's SO much out there, much of it dealing with the same subject, but when it comes to the "truth behind all truths" that's where everyone diverges. It's hard to sort through the BS, for sure.

  2. Dear Ross,
    I totally agree. I just want to know where it is going to lead.
    Right now, I don't know , how many whistleblowers are taking up the time and the energy of good UFO researchers
    circumstantial evidence of ET government projects. But there has never been a smoking gun leak. In fact, most of it is not definitive at all and always different. So some of them must be lies.
    I think Tim Good and the others have proven beyond doubt the government took UFOs very seriously. It would have been treason not to. Something entering our airspace during the atomic age. Though my forty years leaning about this subject I can't believe we still argue this point.
    John Alexander is one who believes that the government has no top secret documents or knowledge of ETs. He states that 7% of the military, which would include all ranks see UFOs. I would include 7% of all govenment people witnessed UFOs.
    That idea alone should assure you that something would have been done. Many of us know better than anyone what a close sighting can do to the most professional people. That emotional impact must of happened to some in he government also.
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters

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  4. I totally agree that whistle-Blower testimony is most definitely the least reliable type of testimony!

    At least with supposed "leaked" documents there is a chance available to the researcher (like the Woods team, for instance) to check certain physical aspects related to them (age, ink-types, styles, etc.)

    There is nothing worse than a stranger making claims that no one can do anything with, except say that you like the person, or you don't like the person. And there is no better way to divide friends than to do just that.

  5. Dear Bob,
    Yes a great point the division.
    There are two recent cases where a UFO researcher spent time rumors with some military connection about down UFOs and triangles. In the end the researcher kind of bought it.
    When MUFON did follow-up research they found these military types were pulling a prank. This caused division among groups who believed the researcher. I am not so sure to this day if it was just a prank or planed intelligence distraction.

    If there is a UFO cover-up it is just common sense they would use leaks, and false leads to waste human investigative resources, and as a form of disinformation. Many UFO researchers have been through a great deal, even witnessed many things personally. This can open the mind to all kinds of possibilities. They learn to trust people who other people abuse... and are call crazy or nuts and they know that many of them are not. This is perfect personality for a sincere liar with supposals good credentials to have you spending time.
    If it is done right you can have dozens of researchers runny around for documents also that have been sanitized especially if you take care and do it right.
    For me Roswell was probably a down spacecraft.
    I believe to this day MJ12 smooth original documents was well done distraction to UFO researchers because of the fear they might find something concrete.
    The whole point of this is to waste resources and make the information as confused as possible especially to the scientist and the powerful.
    It is a UFO truism that UFO researcher have had their phones tapped. One researcher even proved it through the phone company. The group who had been listening could were not allowed to be traced. A correlation may be made between public interest in UFOs and these false stories that are planted.
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog

  6. Thanks for a great article.

    I like your video uploads and had a good laugh at what John Alexander said. Safe to say, I wasn't all that impressed with his analysis. I have heard him before just on odd ocassions so I don't know his whole bag of theories but what he said here was just sad.

    OK, so 7% of the adult population claim to have witnessed UFOs but I strongly suspect that this percentage isn't so easily translated onto military demographics as John Alexander purported. I strongly suspect higher figures would be reported if one would investigate amongst military personel, especially within military directly linked to aerial research/defense of some sort (since UFOs are sighted in the sky...). To translate the 7% figure and infer that the level of interest and/or encounter with UFOs, that military has, would equal that of the general public is just tactics to play down this angle. From what I can surmise most (if not all?) astronauts had different subjective UFO experiences to tell from each moon mission. OF COURSE military personel can be suspected to have higher numbers regarding encountering UFOs in different capacities. They are probably not any better for it but my point is that John Alexanders stance on this issue is preposterous. IMO this assumption is a perfectly ok 'working hypothesis' for further research into the subject matter.

    And to his claims about "institutional interest" - of course "institutional interest" isn't recognised officially. Privately people will tell you they are very much interested in the UFO phenomenon (to which Alexander concedes) but he can't put 2 and 2 together and understand that organizations or institutions or any official organ can't come out publically acknowledging their interest in this highly ridiculed subject even though their individual people are. This side to the UFO phenomenon is so extremely prevalent in historical aspect. John Alexander shows absolutely zero understanding for the dynamics at play.

    Alright, my second gripe with him regards his comments about how these UFOs seem to be not that much more advanced than ourselves and Alexander throws out 50 years as a likely timeframe and recounts witness reports that in the 1800's talks about "airships" and in the early 1900's talks about UFOs with "rivets".

    Now, I'm not really sure what Alexander's take on the UFO subject is but if he's stupid enough to infer that the UFO phenomenom somehow can be explained by a terrestrial technology, that in all times was just 50 years ahead, he doesn't really try to understand some bizarre UFO cases reported over time. Secondly, it does not account for stories like David Adairs encounter with foreign (read "alien") technology at Area51, obviously very much superior to anything we could even make a concept of at the time. That was a back-engineering project by the US military. And by believing all UFOs are terrestrial and just slightly beyond overt technology, these projects are not accounted for either. When the largest military power of the world has to back-engineer its (supposedly) own vehicles - you know somethings up. There are even more problems to Alexanders' inference but too long to mention.

    Obviously witness testimony will relate to the times in which it was said. "Airships" is logical for the 1800's. Ships-in-air = Airship - logical assumption and a good name for it. To describe a UFO seemingly having "rivets" is also comparing its appearence to artefacts of the particular era. It has NOTHING to do with the actual state of the UFO sighted. N.O.T.H.I.N.G. Anyone trying to tell you otherwise is projecting. Testimony tells nothing about what actual material is in use, what propulsion technology is utilized, what it's max capabilities are, if it's multi-purpose (more than the eye can see), and so on and so forth... And that is just assuming it is a vehicle of some sorts, like nuts and bolts. Just by assuming that, we might also be projecting our predominant references upon what our eyes see. UFOs might work on completely different physics. It might not even be a measurable solid 3D object as we know it. Maybe that's why "they" are so elusive.

    While it can be conceded that it's VERY doable (albeit very hard) to fake most common UFO scenarios described by most witnesses in the last 100 years, however it doesn't, in any way, rule out the most inexplicable UFO cases neither does it nail down the UFO subject to be of terrestrial origin. For Alexander to basically suggest their technology to be within a 50 year timeframe of ours and having these witness testimony backing up those statements was totally absurd.

    Maybe I need to look at that whole press conference to understand Alexander better? Maybe I got what he said the wrong way and he harmonized some of his statements later on? I just felt compelled to set some of his absurd remarks straight. I found it interesting what the others said, I just needed to comment on Alexander.

    And I'm not trying to hijack your blog by these long long comments. Tell me, Joseph, if I should shorten them down.


    Daniel Bergh, Sweden.

  7. Dear David,
    Thanks for responding.Your comments are always welcome long or short. To give John his due he did say that UFOs are real and has a source of intelligence behind them. His big argument is the government hasn't any big secret about UFOs and doesn't have an agency in place to investigate them. His ego is perfect for being a patsy. Intelligence people love to deal with people who think they know it all. People in the government lie even to their friends. One CIA intelligence officer who gave this curt answer to a "close friend"" after he had lied to him for years.
    Friend: "But why did you lie to me?"
    CIA agent"That's what we do"
    So what he lied to him about was over 45 years old and of absolutely no intelligence significance at the time. So if this CIA agent would lie to a "close friend" over what would have amounted a small unimportant leak we have a strong indication of what he would do with something very secret and important friend or not.

    Whether you believe Gilliard's spiritual take on what the visitors at his ranch are, you still have to admit something very important is going on there. I just hope what is going on right now, and these massive flap, and the witnesses experiencing it are getting the attention needed. What information could now be gained with a real long-term investigation of that ranch. Instead of the thousands hours, spent by various UfO investigators, each month investigating leaks. Or trying to prove a document real with out the beef.

  8. I wonder why people; men and women, smoke in UFO airspace's. Somebody ought to blow the whistle on my friends.