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Alien Animal Control

Zoolologist on wolf and man interaction:
"It may be that the early human tribes learned how to sing from the Wolf"

Humans have always tried to control other animals, whether it was eliminating them as competitors or training them to be helpers and servants. In the world of human-animal interaction, the wolf and its descendents have taken top place among helper animals.

Since there have been three researched cases of Sasquatch-like creatures and other animals --including wolves-- showing up along with UFOs at ranches, we can now say that alien animal control phenomenon is part of UFO activity.

Many interested in UFOs consider alien animal control an indication of the metaphysical nature of UFO phenomenon.

But is assuming metaphysics at the center of UFO phenom a wise conclusion? I’m interested in what other explanations could be made.

So, could advanced aliens hiding on a planet like ours have the ability to control local animals, and use them as scouts, spies or even helpers? Could these aliens use the animals as guards to keep watch over their hiding places? Or even as a form of communication with the locals?

Wouldn’t visiting aliens find it convenient to simply use local mythology about animals as a disinformation strategy? And wouldn’t relying on local animal myths to condition the human population’s response to anomalous incidents of all kinds help ensure that the wrong people (those without power) will focus on investigating these interactions with just the local species on this planet --interactions seemingly independent of alien control-- and which are bound to happen anyway?

The Colorado UFO Ranch written about in Timothy Good’s Alien Liason [1992, Random House] may be one of the first documented cases indicating animal control by Extraterrestrial Entities.

The Colorado UFO Ranch case was investigated by three scientists --Dr. Leo Spinkle. Dr. John Deer and wife, and Dr. Peter Van Aresdale.

The location was a ranch experiencing very much what we have now at Trout Lake (Gilliland Ranch), but with an important difference: the interaction wasn’t so friendly.

A group of professionals pooled their resources together to buy a ranch near the Rocky Mountains. So, who were these people? New Age woo-woos?

No. The new ranch owners of what is now popularly known as the Colorado UFO Ranch were a law enforcement officer, a former military officer with a security background and manager of a large corporation, his wife, and teenage children. What they did was commonplace when the West opened up, and a great contemporary example of the true American spirit --a group of people pooling resources to buy a working ranch together and working it. It was to be a working ranch, not dude ranch. Nothing sinister, nothing silly.

But what happened at what’s been called UFO Ranch would rock these solid citizens to the very core, and have much the same effect on investigators who looked into the incidents of high strangeness witnessed there.

Mutilations of their cattle, UFOs, ET humanoids, Bigfoot type creatures, messages broadcast over their stereo systems (not the radio), electric power failures, and intrusions around the house. This is the intriguing to terrifying list of what the whole family and a number of guests experienced.

Another description that we hear a great deal in this interaction is the entities controlling human reaction. As reported in Alien Liaison, Tim Good gets the details from the investigators:
Jim, the former military officer, witnesses a UFO ship around the cattle later when he learns of the large reward because of the cattle mutilation he decides one night to go looking for them (he never thought of ETs) he would go out with his high caliber shotgun. Jim then attempts to go retrieve it when…“it was like paralysis…Like I was drugged” He couldn’t move to go get his rifle. Barbara, the corporate manager’s wife, was with Jim at the time and had her own insane experience…“Suddenly…increased heart rate…I remembered things I’d had completely forgotten…by that time there was a sense of panic… I was screaming…by the time Jim came to… from where ever he was …he couldn’t talk…after that John showed up…but I couldn’t talk… every time I started and tried…I’d start to stutter.

So is it possible ETS use some type of mind control over animals? The question also may be rightly asked, how much control do they have? Could they reach deep into the brain…put the conscious animal and its pain centers to sleep, then take over? Just how deep can they go?

Here’s a revealing comment by one of the human animals on the Colorado UFO Ranch the ETs seem to have been practicing mind control on:
“… and [I had] a flood of memories… I remembered things I had completely forgotten.”

Rancher Jim has some interactions with the entities from the crafts. The ETs also admit to Jim, on one occasion, the “Bigfoot creature” obeys their commands…

More from Alien Liason:
They (UFO entities) mentioned the box and that it was right of me to back away from it. They nodded and about 30 feet away from it “Bigfoot” as I called him got up and walked toward the box, the box tone changed and he dropped. They said as you can see they are quite lethal…

This “Bigfoot” creature was sighted all over the ranch before, and even though shot by one of the rancher-witnesses, the creature did not seem to bleed.

Please don’t argue with me about how could ETs do this, because a significantly advanced race could.

DVD Strange Havest Dr Spinkel:

On the Skinwalker Ranch, it was wolves acting strangely, as though controlled. Could the Skinwalker Ranch wolves have been ETs way of driving off the owners? Or even controlling how the owners would deal with what was happening? The Gormans, (a cover name to protect the ranch family’s identity) were a regular American ranching family who were not in it to get away from corporate American life, as the UFO Ranch group were, but a family who had always been ranchers. And the Gormans initially would not report some of these stories…even though they were lifelong experts on animal behavior. Why? No one would have believed them.

And now, for another extraordinary account of animals apparently under control by UFOs, we take a look at the a wide range of extreme phenomenon recorded by investigators in Hunt for the Skinwalker: Science Confronts the Unexplained at a Remote Ranch in Utah, by Colm A. Kelleher and George Knapp [2005, Paraview Pocket Books].

Just one of the bizarre scenes the investigators witnessed was a very large wolf trotting onto the property, wagging its tail and behaving oddly: it is acting very friendly and comfortable around humans. The wolf wags it way over to the barn and quickly grabs a calf by the head. The wolf’s jaws enclose the entire head of the calf and the poor animal starts yelling.

Gorman (the rancher-owner) is caught completely off guard, then puts a few shots into the wolf, that finally lets go of the calf and goes away. He does find a piece of flesh where one of bullets had hit the wolf, but no blood.

There are many ways humans protect animals, so I’m sure ETs have thought up a few ways to protect their messengers and animals of burden.

Now we have the strangest animals of all reported at UFO ranch: a Bigfoot with “Mothman” wings that may be able to fly. Skeptics would claim only idiots would go to that ranch but over the ten year-plus history of these happenings, many people of prominence have visited Gilliland Ranch.

What does it say about the evolution of the thinking among some prominent people in the military and top government contractors when they take time to visit a location reporting such bizarre happenings, including UFOs and cryptids?

How far could an advanced ET civilization control animals? Could they control a Bigfoot effectively enough to put wings on it and make it fly?

And then, there’s the other side of all these phenom: you can control the people who show up by what you present.

Alien disinformation doesn’t work so well anymore. At these ranches people, who were not part of the Ufology choir showed up.

I have to say I have never read anything on the experiences at these ranches that couldn’t be explained by technology. I fervently believe in the paranormal, but I don’t think the paranormal or the metaphysical is always the answer when something outside our understanding is witnessed.

Joseph Capp
UFO Media Matter
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  1. Good article. Direct physical encounters with other intelligences are very intruiging indeed. Myself, I have always been very fascinated with the Kelly-Hopkinsville case from 1955.

    For anyone who wants to read about it:

    There 7 winesses had an encounter with a UFO and multiple aliens on their farm. That story includes multiple witnesses, strange lights in the sky, landed UFOs (also seen taking off), strange radioactive landing traces (from UFOs), color traces (only seen from one angle) left from shotgun hit on alien and much more. Looking at the mere number of witnesses to that encounter and the ability to back up the story every step of the way, I find that a compelling case.

    I don't hold anything against these people. They were written off by skeptics as liars (luck seekers) since they started charging money for people to enter their property some time after the incident. But what should they have done? The general public didn't leave them alone. All kinds of people, in rather large numbers, showed up every day roaming their property. I look at it as an intelligent scheme to keep people away so that life could go back to normal. To me its obvious that idea was designed to get people OFF the property, not to make money. Something HAD to be done and I think that was a smart move on their part.

    I'm not very surprised that the skeptics (debunkers) wrote these witnesses off completely. The only way to dismiss this case is to call all 7 witnesses liars or delusional (and declare them a cult or something) since there is no valid terrestrial scientific theory that can explain what could cause that in 1955. Since debunkers KNOW that we haven't been visited yet - hence these witnesses were liars = EASY! :-D

    All the best,

    Daniel Bergh, Sweden

  2. Dear Daniel,
    Yes that is so true. As I said about Glenn Dennis. A UFO witness has to be perfect to even be considered by debunkers. No matter what normal human traits they have, they are still reduced to the bottom of the barrel by skeptics and even some UFO researcher. I would love to look closely at some of the failing of these skeptics, but of course that would be off subject:)
    Joe Capp

  3. What a fascinating blog entry!

    I've read Hunt for the Skinwalker by Colm Kelleher and George Knapp but not Alien Liason by Timothy Good.

    I'm going to do a search for Good's book when I'm done blog surfing.

    It seems that there might have been missing time in the accounts excerpted out of Good's book. The classic paralysis, the close encounters with the beings, being dazed and a sudden flood of memories. Of course I may be wrong, but it struck me as a possibility when I read this.

    Does anyone know of domestic cats being controlled by these entities?

    My house-cat is extremely aware of unusual activities and may have actual gone through some herself, with me, over the 18 years she's been with me(and still going strong, but she has a heart murmer and arthritis).

  4. Dear Autumn
    I couldn't find the book I think I bought it at a UFO conference. But maybe it is easier now.
    The DVD clip shows Leon Sprinkle doing the first Rancher he regressed, but I don't think tat Jim one of the owners of the ranch in Colorado allowed it. After all he had been in government intelligence.
    As far as how much control over animals they had . In skinwalker they seemed to have killed two of the family dogs and pets. Of course what killed them was a small sphere rather than an entity in a disk.
    If I remember right that was the last straw. They moved shortly after.
    It seems that the ETs are not worst or better than we are. We don't even know if there are good ETs because all the information is controlled by the ETs and or the government.
    Joe Capp

  5. I appreciate how you tackle some of the more difficult subjects, yet don't wonder too far into the realms of way-out extremes. The information is extreme enough on its own.

    The idea of animal control is important, as it leads to other possibilities that are also difficult to get a handle on.

    I was just mentioning, at another blog site, how Dr. Paul Fitts admitted that Project:BlueBird was connected to the UFO Program. If one understands what this project was about, one can see how we might have been enticed to research this type of control.

    Thanks again for such an enlightening blog.

  6. Dear Bob,
    It is very hard to explain some of the reports as anything other than paranormal. But we really don't know what the paranormal is. I believe one of the greatest statement on what we is being experienced and reported was framed correctly by A. C. Clerk "A sufficiently advanced civilization technological would look like magic to us." That is exactly what we are seeing and many are claiming Magic.
    For some reason what ever is hear is not public. The question for me is: To what extent would they go to disguised themselves. What are the reasons for their demonstration? Why are some of their actions so frightening, and what is their long term agenda? How do they use confusion to keep themselves hidden.
    If you put it all together you get a pretty scary picture and defiantly not a species you "want to worship"
    Joe Capp

  7. Hi Joesph,
    Terrific article that really cuts to the heart of the either\or dilemma of where investigating this phenomenon is lodged. Is it paranormal or is it "hard wired?" I suspect it's both, one seems to intersect the other. This controvertible translation of a living "rosetta stone" reminds me of the automobile and just how far we are from any answers. The existence of my car depended on the discovery/invention of the wheel, the key, electricity, internal combustion, plastics, solid state circuitry, synthetic rubber, alloys,glass,refining, molding, casting, etc. I think when we get closer to the answers, we will find that it will be in several fields that come together that will create a more accurate picture. A lot of the time, I write about subjects that I personally don't agree with because I feel that to really look at the entire field, one has to set aside "likes" and "dislikes" if we are to capture the correct theory. I just wrote one about the issue of determining if these creatures are sentient...can a creature have behaviors and not be conscious? If so, how? All of this is quite a complex kettle of fish and so thanks again for hitting the nail on the head.
    Best Wishes

  8. Joseph Capp is right in what he says about sceptics debunking witnesses. No witness, no matter who they are or what position they have earned in life, is trustworthy, reliable, or correct according to any of these sceptics where this subject is concerned, and all of them are fair game, to defame, disrespect and humiliate, especially when a sceptic can no longer attack the evidence, he can always fall back on attacking the witnesses credibility instead, no matter who they are, or what they are. When I first became interested in the subject of ufos, I would always read up on what the sceptics had to say about whichever case I was currently reading up on, however, I soon found out that rational thought,logic etc, were not the tools of the trade, so to speak, in that camp, and in fact, misquotation, misrepresentation, defamation of character, and various other nefarious tactics were more the reality of what passed for, so called; sceptical inquiry. Of course the ufo subject has its own fair share of dishonest people within its ranks and at the end of the day I highly reccomend interested parties to investigate for themselves various claims made by one party or another, or, failing that, at least do your homework and find out for yourself whos reliable and whos not.

  9. Dear Sir
    ( excuse my bad english, I live in Europe)

    If it is not already the case, maybe you would be interested to read this extract from "Ovnis, l'armée démasquée" from E. Dehlinger, where the author tries to explain how the case of the Evans ranch in Colorado could be a mystification ( maybe with the fact that one of the owners had been a member of the Army , in the secret services... and was always the witness who saw the alien entities .


    Your blog is very interessant, thank you .

  10. Dear France,
    Thank you I read about the case in Tim Good book's Alien Liaison" however your link supplied some more info on it thanks.


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