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Three Die Because Of UFOs

The Sorrow

You will not see a skeptical smirk here, even though this UFO/Craft/ET case is strange and illogical, because it really happened. You will not find a debunker screaming, “fake”, nor will you read an exposé in the skeptical Inquirer. Because it is true. One man’s strange impossible tale turned out to be the truth. He lived with a secret for a long time and, from his history, was very tormented by it. In a way he gave his life in the pursuit of truth.
Simply put: frightened citizens were attacked by beams of light- shot out of UFOs. These beams left marks strange burns, wounds that were “…blackened and seemed ten days old even though they were 10 minutes old”. People ran to their doctors to report this and groups reported watching people on public streets being hit and felled by the beams from these “lights and craft”. These were, of course, ignored by the powers that be as long as possible because they were considered just silly superstitious locals. A local doctor who treated many people was forced to rethink her position (she was a skeptic) after witnessing a UFO herself, up close, right during an attack on a person. She started to go public. It started to get into the papers.
The victims were hurt and frightened and some even died from complications directly related to these UFO “attacks”. One town actually built, and manned, bonfires near the water where many of these attacks had originated.

Introding Jamie Maussan X -Confernce

We are not talking a few people here, we are talking many, many people in this region. After the two citizens died from UFO related inquires, the doctor had had enough. The Mayors of the region were starting to get nervous and they partitioned the Army to investigate (there were rebels in the area). It was a well equipped Army – equipped oddly, with cameras, theodolite and radar. What they experienced, to their astonishment, was what a only a handful of people in the world have experienced: continuing direct interactions with ETs craft.

This Brazilian Army investigations unit was tagged “ Operations Saucer”. The military’s intrusion into the unknown began during massive sightings that occurred during October, November and December 1977 and into the first half of 1978. The Brazilian region where this happen is called Para and included the cities of Colares, Santo Antonio de Tauca, Mosqueiro and Baia do Sul .
The Army at first tried to smother this case publicly by asking the above mentioned local doctor do to put out a public statement using “hysteria” as the explanation. The doctor was having none of it. They flew a helicopter with a search light to try and fool the people it didn’t work and a strange light followed the copter back– frightened he stayed the night after he landed.
Soon the Army realized how serious these locals were when the soldiers, themselves, started to have their own encounters. What the investigative unit concluded was that there were craft from another place intentionally buzzing them and putting on displays. Months of sightings, videos, photographs, drawings, radar, and other measurements were logged. These crafts put on spectacular shows of power and technology in front of this Army unit for four months and then without a word, while there were still sightings, the unit was pulled. All of the records and videos were classified and hidden away.
Decades later, the then Captain of the unit “Operation Saucer” came forward – after all, he had experiences, not only with the craft, but with an ET. A ET had visited him one night and after rendering him helpless told him “we will not harm you”. This secret must have tormented him through the years. This courageous and honest witness in fact had related everything that happened in great detail because he was a man of great recall. That recall, rather then a blessing, may have been ended up being a curse because Capt. Uyrange Hollanda killed himself shortly after going public- may he rest in piece.

A lawsuit by UFO researchers and concerned citizens was brought against the Army to release the classified data. The Army agreed to allow all of the material to be examined by local UFO researchers. The Army did not live up to their agreement; “all” of the material was not allowed to be examined if fact; most of it was off limits. Of course, the UFO researchers jumped at any chance to examine what they were allowed to see. The videos, photos and detailed reports by the Army’s “Operation Saucer” unit were so astonishing I guess that they felt they didn’t need to look any further. But, what if they had demanded full access right there in front of the cameras. Perhaps they could have found more, maybe even the Holy Grail. As of now we don’t know the power of the massive evidence still hid, but considering what they reveled, it must be earth shattering.

The frightened, good people who experienced scores of encounters in different towns welcomed the Army, which was dispatched to investigate and help them. They were betrayed as many good common people have been betrayed – by being deemed unimportant. Their story may be sung in future folk songs but to the powers that rule once you prove the unknown is real you become unknown.

For me this was an act of “Staging” by the ET was it a show of supremacy or something else.

Joseph Capp
UFO Media Matters

Note on continuing activity:
In 1999, Flavio's daughter (one of the Sergeants of the Unit) Francimari told us: "He got everybody in the family enthusiastic about UFOs. We did vigils in Colares.
We spent a month there on vacation and stayed in a cousin's
house. We spread sheets out on the beach at night and took turns
staying up to see if something came in the early hours of the
morning. We saw UFOs coming out of the water near the farol
(lighthouse beacon a kilometer out in the bay). We could see
water dripping down as they came out." Metaphysical, anyone? jc

Most of the data was taken from this History Channel program:
“The Brazilian Roswell DVD”:

What will it take?

Joseph Capp
UFO Media Matters


  1. Joesph,
    Very interesting post. How did the victims come into contact with the "beam"? Was there a targeting behavior on the part of the craft? The missions to investigate these incidents refer to displays, etc but no targeting behavior, or was there? I ask myself which is more threatening to these craft, an army mission or an individual(s) and so why were individuals targeted, if this is the case rather than happenstance, rather than a military expedition? Odd.

  2. Dear Bruce,
    People were definitely targeted. It usually happened late at night. In public or right through a window. What was usually witnessed was a large light shooting out beams. People were also paralyzed by the light or fainted from fright. One witness knew of about ninety people who went to the hospitals. We don't know if there was targeting behavior for them, but it is does seem the military was exempt. Also the military knew not to bring guns or armor so it seems they knew somehow what not to do, else why just cameras and instruments to measure. They also hired a local pilot - they told him Brazilian "airspace was being violated"
    I like to think that Captain who came out and told the truth died for something.

    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters

  3. Hey you should read the new "Best of John Keel" book. He details how he was the first to figure out Maury Island was a cover-up for radioactive slag from Hanford. When a big black equilateral triangle flew right over my house I didn't dare take my eyes off it. This secret military technology is apocalyptic to be sure.

    drew hempel

  4. Joesph,

    Are there any written reports available on line concerning this?
    I was trying to determine if the beam was in a "typical" sweep pattern, and if these people were in the wrong place at the wrong time. It sounds as if the military mission could have been briefed beforehand by as it would be counterintuitive to search for a lethal actor armed only with passive detection equipment, as a defensive tactic against it, should it prove aggressive as reports and evidence indicated. What would be interesting would be to have a living witness provide insight into the planning phase of that mission. It would also be interesting to look innto the background of victims for any common linkage to determine the intent, if any, of targeting either by earthbound or extraterrestrial actors, from either a political, technological of a predisposition by way of previous experiences with UFOs. This case brings up one of the major frustrations I have as all attention, resources and effort seems to be focused on Roswell's comparitively ancient history.

  5. Dear Anonymous,
    I don't believe the triangles are secret weapons from us. Nor do I believe the UFO craft are ours. When you take it all together the entities which have been experienced, including this the Brazil case. The abductions of humans. The Nasa tapes showing massive craft leaving and entering the atmosphere and the way they have mastered inertia we end up with a technology far beyond what we even imagine. Now that they are starting to find water on other planets outside of our atmosphere it looks like the universe is teeming with life. When you put that all together either there here, or you can't travel between stars.
    I say this case proves something is here and it is not us. However I will look for that book thanks.
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters

  6. Dear Bruce,
    This was not just sweeps. Some of the people were in bed when they were hit. Some where standing on street corners when the UFO would pull right over their heads and hit them with the beam. The ETs had a metallic voice and disguised there faces. Some of the locals thought they were possibly Japanese. This may have been a message or even a test of how far they can go without being challenged or a message to the military. We don't know what is in the other many trays of files and video. But if you really want the latest it is in the video by The History Channel. The military had more on what was happening the even the locals. As far as Roswell the military in this country has so much power to keep thinks under wraps and to use people as disinformation that to secure the truth here is impossible right now. It may change if the Clintons get in. They tried before and got close also they changed the law so that classified doc over 25 years would be automatically unclassified unless they could be prove to constitute a threat to national security. That helped somewhat and showed , through the documents released, that at least the US was very interested in UFOs.

    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters

  7. So, fair enough there might be other life forms out there, but why would they fly bajillions of miles to dish out a few carpet burns? Oh - and are you excited by the pending release of the new X-Files movie?

  8. Dear anonymous,
    We have to ask ourselves some hard questions here. I hold with the idea that they have bases , it common sense. The ability of some of their craft are amazing. Their is a great book old but wonderful put out by a NAVY man called "Invisible Residence" About craft in the water recorded and witnesses by ships and the Navy's of the world. That book convinced me they had some bases here. Timothy Goods has some great books about this.
    They don't want to a public certainty they have secrets they want to continue doing alone.It also seems they want to send messages public but only under their control.
    I think it was sent to the government of Brazil, why I don't know but it seemed the Army knew something why else know to bring the perfect instruments to measure UFOs the same as the Airforce used in America with the blue balls of light sighted so often in the 50s by officers.
    They ended up getting some interesting results you can find them on Bruce Maccabee web site. I think when they act up there is a reason but I don't think given their technology that they are stupid we many be the ones stupid.
    As far as the Files i had a family loss and haven't been following but I will look today. I always thought the X Files flounder at the end trying to explain everything with Aliens. They went in to many directions. They need a new mind in there to be bring new creative thought.
    I loved the Peter Boyle episode. It was a great show.

    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters