Wednesday, February 21, 2007

“The UFO Closet”

By Joseh Capp

Relating UFO experiences publicly can change forever the way people view you. One day you’re Joe, the next day, you’re Joe the UFO Nut.

Here are some examples I gathered myself, person-to-person.

I was at the Crash Retrieval Conference last year. It was my first time, at this conference, and I guess it eventually defined my journey with this blog. I was listening to the speakers and at the break I just started talking to strangers –asking them why they came to the conference and such.

One of the stories was told by a military man, one of America’s Best. He had sightings of UFOs in the military, when he scrambled jets. What intrigued me was how the sightings didn’t stop…they continued after he retired from service. He was a salesman based in Boston. The military man-turned-salesman decided to drive down to New Brunswick NJ to see a relative he hadn’t visited in a while. He was trying to find a road and it was after 12am when he came around a curve and saw a red light in the woods off to his right, so he stopped. Suddenly he witnessed 3, one after another --typical grays, as he said it-- run in front of the headlights across the road. He described it: “One..then two..then three….faster than any man”. I think his estimate was good, because he was a sprinter. He had an interesting side note: there was a “second” between each being’s appearance as they ran in front of the car and across the road. He also told me he never told anyone about this sighting for ten years, and then only after he retired completely.

He would eventually report this sighting publicly to a UFO org. That’s how he learned something else interesting: the same week this happened to our retired serviceman, another man who lived in the same area reported witnessing similar beings. They were reported formally to the organization and a case history was on file.

I asked him the reason he “put it away in [his] mind” and waited ten years.

“Are you kidding?” he answered. “I was a salesman. I had to do what I needed to do and could not allow it to bother me.” He said he started seeing others go public and then he felt safe.

Second case, a sociologist. I was up in the morning waiting to go into breakfast when I started to talk to another conference attendee and we had breakfast together:

She was a professional and her husband was a strong skeptic. She went to these conferences because she had ongoing experiences at night. But what is of particular interest to the subject of this blog is an experience she had with her husband. How he seemed to deal or not deal with this experience. His ongoing exposure centered around solid round globes of different colors. One day he was driving and they were going home. As they’re making their way on the road, one of these globes flew in front of their car. As they continued driving, it continued to stay in front; she started to shout and point, he looked and started talking about it. But then he wanted to concentrate on the road. It later sped away up and out of sight. When they arrived at home he would not admit to seeing it. His wife was astonished to see him lie --he just was not that type. But she knew for a fact he saw it, it was impossible not to. And he’d talked about it.

Did this man lie? Or was it that he just couldn’t accept it?
There is no judgment here, just highlighting every day human behavior at the unknown.

The social stigma directed toward an honest UFO witness is obvious but the power of going public is just as obvious. The O’Hare witnesses are a case in point. It is interesting to note it was reported by one of the O’Hare witnesses that he had a “religious crises” after his sighting.

Yes there are many reasons not to come forward,
but when all is said and done, it is the honest witness who silent’s the debunker, today, and maybe one day, forever.

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  1. When the world doesn't see things the way you do, it's easier to blame the world than it is to look hard at why you see things the way you do. Letting go of demanding that the world see things the way you do is a good step towards peace.

  2. Dear Anonymous,
    I think most of these witness start out with an honest question. If there is any lack of honesty it is in the cloned responce by the powers that be as to what they people report.

    Thank You
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters