Monday, January 22, 2007



Killing the Messengers
By Joseph Capp

“Tribute To The Bravery OF The O’Hare Witnesses”

Can you imagine what it takes to do what the O’Hare witnesses have done? Twelve employees, who worked for the airlines, and came forward to tell of witnessing a UFO over the O’Hare airport. History has shown what can happen when commercial pilots and other professionals come forward with UFO information. Bravo to all of you for standing up to tell what you believe is the truth --no matter what! America was built by people of good character like youself.

What Will the Skeptics Do with This?
By the time the debunkers get through with their explanations, using the theory of weather or whatever, and applying a could-have-been scenario to the O’Hare incident, the scientific community will, as always, fall quietly back to sleep. They will indicate the witness are in some way dishonest. They may not say it but it will be implied.

The scientific community’s attitude toward UFO witnesses reminds me of the guy in the bank commercial: the customer looks very tiny on the bank president’s desk, he wants a small business loan. He catches on fire – meanwhile, Bank President’s asking a manager what does this mean?...who is this guy?...and why does he catch on fire like that? Bank President laughs at the audacity of this "Small Business" Guy for trying to play in the big business arena.

The good witnesses at O’Hare came forward in a big arena just looking for the truth. When I see people who have a lot to lose come forward, I once again have faith in the human race. If the skeptics (so-called) address these witnesses at all, it will be with the same attitude as the bank president: your opinion is too small to matter.

But what these witnesses did could be a sign of our times in America, a good sign. For decades, we have been told to go to sleep --on the UFO issue, the Iraq War, and other issues. Many of these good witnesses believe in our government, in the dignity of the institution. But they’ve found out what many in the UFO field have known for decades: the government and many agencies will never acknowledge these crucial issues --or the true data-- publicly.

I have a feeling most of the American people are getting tired of the We Know More Than You Do attitude of institutions and debunkers who will not look at the facts. And I think Americans are tired of a government that just doesn’t seem to bother with facts anymore.

But maybe something new is happening out there: maybe we’ve come to a crossroads where the powers that be continue to ignore the people, expecting them to go away…but this time, the people don’t go away.

Maybe, instead of sitting on the sidelines while skeptics and government agencies cast disdain on the witnesses and the whistleblowers, we should realize that these good people are not the problem. We need to start defending these witnesses as a statement to the skeptics. Unless we stop allowing these, “defenders of the faith” with their cook up witch trials directed against the UFO witnesses of great character, we many find the true messenger is dead, and all we have left are the frauds.


  1. Your points are well taken and important. Personally, I have NO problem believing those who saw something as opposed to those who didn't -- especially 12 folks in the middle of the day.

    That said - perhaps it was swamp gas?

  2. While you're wondering what the skeptics and the government are going to "do with this," you would do well to consider what the extreme fringe - the "New Age Freakazoids" - are going to do with it, because the ideas are already running the gamut from "grays have been saving our genetic material because we're going to destroy ourselves" (and the O'Hare sightings "prsumably" relate to that) to speculation that this may the beginning of "new flap" which may culiminate in a era of "all things bright and beautiful" under the tutelage of our intergalactic brethren.

    Methinks y'all wouldn't seize on this like a rabid Rotweiller and start canonizing these 12 "brave souls" (whom you doubtless have never even met and know next to nothing about) if you weren't desperate to put the cart in front of the horse and "prove" your preconceived notions about "life, the Universe, and everything."

    Throw away the ready-made templates you got from those UFO books and the proclamations of "experts," and take a fresh look at the history of UFOs - all of it, not just the parts that appeal to you for reasons only you know - and try making your own conclusions, rather than merely towing the party line.

  3. It really does not seem to matter who speaks up or comes forward in regard to the ongoing and worldwide observations by citizens from all walks of life reporting unidentified aerial sightings. Consider John Podesta who was part of the Clinton administration. He helped form the Coalition For Freedom Of Information specifically for information on this subject. They apparently have gotten nowhere either. How about Paul Hellyer, former Canadian Minister of Defense stating publicly that UFO's are as real as airplanes. My favorite is John McLaughlin of PBS and his oratory a few years ago after the Mexican Airforce reported their interaction with UFO's. It really is quite remarkable that an ongoing event of such possible magnitude to all of humanity is treated with such total disinterest and apathy. I am not a pessimist but after 4 decades of my own research it is painfully clear that the only factual evidence that will ever be shared with us lowly citizens is going to be supplied directly by the inhabitants of the "UFO's". For that event I am no longer holding my breath. These days it is equally as awesome of a mystery to me how any of our planets citizens continue to die of starvation.

  4. I an not a scientist but I do know human nature. I have witnessed a UFO. I never reported it offically. I still haven't. It was a daytime disc. My friend who was with me also witnessed it(actually first). As far as the world is concerned it never happened. I wonder how many "never happens" are never reported.
    UFO Media Matters

  5. I give thanks to Bush for waking me up on how much can go wrong when the citizenry of this country go to sleep. Before this blog, for the last year, I have been writing my Congressman and Senators and busy putting my name on partitions put out by various org. to congress.(non UFO) This is a very scary time for our government and our people. Ghundi said that 'evil is powerful but good usually wins in the end'. I am doing this for no other reason then it is the write thing to do. I can small a snow job a mile away and I don’t like it when it hurts good people. I am not a great writer and would never take on the great science minds in this skeptic field on their science but so many have no common sense. I have decided I am not going back to sleep again.


  6. Hey - since you're into UFOs, have you seen this Roswell video? I thought it was fake until I watched Part 2. What do you think?

  7. Dear BJ,
    It is very hard to get people to listen to witnesses of Character on UFO craft and entities. We struggle every day to let them know we are not all crazy and what we see is real.
    Ray Santilli autopsy film is a fake as far as I am concerned and has hurt the UFO research effort. When money is involved you have to be extra careful in the UFO arena. I may be wrong but it is Mr. Santilli fault for making the whole thing a farce.
    I am ashamed some UFO researchers are still giving him credit. According to "Mysteries" Magazine he is going to produce a musical on the Alien Autopsy film. I rest my case.
    Thank You
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters