Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Do Hoaxers See UFOs?

Do Hoaxers See UFOs
By Joseph Capp
“no fancy stuff just me”

UFO Media Matters deals with the witnesses who have experienced UFOs and related phenomenon. Many in the UFO community hate what hoaxers do. I agree they cloud the issues and even have hampered any real scientific approach. One of the most despised groups, of course, is the “Crop Circle Makers”. These people go out in the field and design very elaborate and well formed “Crop Circles”. Some of their beautiful endeavors have even fooled the investigators.
If you went to some of these CCM (crop circle makers) and asked them, “what do you think of UFOs or other intelligence behind some of these crop circles) you may get a surprising answer. If you go to ask the skeptics about Crop Circles, they will inform you that all crop circles are made by people. Many of them will go on to say that “saucer nest” landings by UFOs (vegetation swirled in a circle) in the 1950’s, 60’s and up to today are also made by hoaxers. But, in the case of some of these "Crop Circle Hoaxers" it was just the opposite. They stared hoaxing because they heard about the UFO nest penomonon landings and thought they could duplicate them.
"One summers evening in 1978 after several pints in the Percy Hobbs Doug Bower and Dave Chorley were taking the air on a bridle path on the Longwood Estate, near Cheesefoot Head. They were talking about UFOs. Bower (who used to live in Melbourne, Australia) recalled a case in Queensland, where a UFO had reportedly ascended from a swirled nest of marsh-grass. 'What do you think would happen if we put a nest over there?' Bower joked to Chorley, pointing to a nearby wheatfield. 'People would think a flying saucer had landed." Jim Schnabel - Round in Circles”

The swirled vegetation the hoaxers are discussing during their beer haze is part of the thousands of thoroughly investigated “UFO Trace Cases”. To this day the lab results contain unexplained anomalies. The witnesses, either in groups, or as individuals, called the police in panic. They were very shaken by the incidents. In many cases police were at the landing site within hours. The detail was astounding. In one case the whole family came out to look, not at a UFO, but at a metal cone that was blown to their field by the storm. The farmer decided to take his tractor and move it out of the field. “It didn’t belong there.” When he started the motor of the tractor it lifted up and hovered ten feet off the ground. I guess plasma has a brain, too. It did leave a “nest” in the field. In one case there were six swilled patches. The witness was a farmer who was very frightened by the ordeal. The Officer who arrived quickly at the site concluded in his report that the six objects which made the marks in field came from the sky.

You may ask: "Yeah, but do hoaxers see UFOs? See them?" – they even take pictures!

“Rod Dickinson describes how he inadvertently photographed a small white disk in 1991. The negatives were subsequently analyzed by Urologist”

“Whilst making what was at the time the most ambitious crop circle ever attempted Julian Richardson and his team were witness to a strange orange ball of light”

Photographs by crop circle makers?


It is interesting that the circle hoaxers are also feeling they are being watched. It may be a form of communication.
Just a tip to the hoaxers, the debunkers will believe everything you say except the UFO part. Oh, I know how they will believe you just tell them they are hoaxes.

The Trace cases are wonderfully explained in the History Channel Video “Alien Encounters” and worth every penny.


Ted Phillips is the primary expert in the “trace case” field (another researcher who actually goes to the witnesses) here's a link.



  1. It's true hoaxers are a complete pain in the *rse, but I always try to disturn disadvantages into advantages, so approaching UFO investigating from the point of view of it being a kind of ongoing scientific experiment, it might be said they're the control element of the experiment.

    But if nothing else, the b*ggers do at least serve to keep everyone on their toes, stopping people from rushing into rash assumptions.

    And seen in that light, you could say they're a positive necessity if the UFOlogical ecosystem is to thrive!

  2. I went to their web site (Google.. “Crop Circle Maker)read their bios, along with the parts and ended up liking them. Is this blasphemy? I was a rebel in the sixties and although I always had a spiritual belief I loved reading “The Realist”, an atheist rant in the village.

  3. nice article.

    takes a lot of study to investigate ufo's. mostly people really have to have time on their hands to study this.

    hoaxers? well, the crop circle makers... um, they must be kinda obsessed by the whole thing if they are actually out there in somebodys field making a giant circle. so, well i mean like damn, they are way wierder than the people studying ufos ! they actually go out and make those things.

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  5. Many UFO people are fine people. Intelligent and great conversationalist. I have met many who will give you the shirt off their backs.The Hoaxers have their own world and it's based on fooling people... what a life huh...giggling in the corner over what you have done like a 13 year old.
    Many of us are trying to settle the greatest question of all time.
    Are we alone? These types of hoaxes just makes the job that much harder.
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