Thursday, December 20, 2012

Let's Get Back to UFOs!

Maybe then we can tell the world “see, we were right.”

Are any of you out there as sick as I am over all of the extreme media/internet fear mongering? No matter what threat is in the news, real or vague, whichever doomsday threat comes down the pike these writers will make sure you’re spoon fed the worst consequences possible. In the UFO community and beyond many believe in the idea that ancient humans knew more than modern man about the dangers to our world. Many say the Mayans were taught by ETs and that is why they knew the future. Did the ETs also teach them to cut out a still beating heart as a religious appeasement?

If any of you think I don’t believe in some prophets and their special talents you would be wrong. Let’s use some common sense here. Prophets are usually wrong when it comes to predictions of the end of the world. I found a wonderful link that list hundreds. Do you remember the Nostrodamous prediction that claimed a fire from the sky would cause a major cataclysm? He even predicted the year- 1999. This was heralded as a special prediction since the prophet rarely gave dates on what he foresaw. Nothing happened.

I don’t think the good creator would give the end of the world news to anyone…no one is that special.

Is there a type of justified vengeance we feel if the world gets it’s just desserts? I know I’ve become frustrated by the complicity of silence around me on many subjects. One of the ego boosting futures that would bring me some satisfying vengeance is the ET public contact scenario. I know I would get off on sticking it to the debunkers and certain “skeptics”.
But end of the world is different. All the people that you could get a laugh of f of would be gone. If somehow you do survive, you’d have a life of hardship beyond your imagination.

Yet, I have to admit I love the opening line in Orson Wells’ “War of The Worlds”

“NO one would have believed in the last years of the nineteenth century that this world was being watched keenly and closely by intelligences greater than man’s and yet as mortal as his own; that as men busied themselves about their various concerns they were scrutinized and studied, perhaps almost as narrowly as a man with a microscope might scrutinize the transient creatures that swarm and multiply in a drop of water.”

Yes there is some self gratification in those words of human ignorance since I believed, and still, do that I am not one of them.

I remember a real end of the world experience I went through. I was working a job in a hospital when the Cuban missile crisis erupted. The Soviets at the time were banging their sabers hard and it scared the hell out of people. We had already learned in the 50’s just how devastating a nuclear war would be with the Soviet Union where hundreds of million people would be killed. If you did happen to survive, the world would have a poisoned atmosphere and a breakdown in society. I remember getting canned foods and keeping them in the trunk of the car. I also remember mapping out routes to more desolate areas which would not be missile targets. The one thing I did not feel during that time was smugness. When you’re confronted with a real end of the world possibility, fear, not hope, pervades your being.

Some of the most interesting predictions for the end of the world came from the more dogma driven Christian sects. These dire warnings were an effective weapon in gathering people to the flock. People do not act rationally when they are frightened for their lives.

*Guess What Year
“This year goes down as one of the most pronounced states of hysteria over the return of Christ. All members of society seemed affected by the prediction that Jesus was coming back on , ****. There really weren't any of the events required by the Bible transpiring at that time. The magical number **** was primarily the sole reason for the expectation. During **** , everyone was on their best behavior; worldly goods were sold and given to the poor, swarms of pilgrims headed east to meet the Lord at Jerusalem, buildings went unrepaired, crops were left unplanted, and criminals were set free from jails. The year **** turned into **** and nothing happened.”
If we look inside the UFO community we see the same type of dire prediction reported by experiencer from ETs. Contact with ETsis not scary enough now it means the end of the world. Well nice knowing you for that brief second. I believe this is a tactic ETs have used for centuries for all types of control reasons..

I enjoy a good scare and the end times certainly can fulfill that part of me, but it is being used in some very dangerous ways. Like getting people to vote a certain way or attacking any people who disagree.
One deep routed yearning humans have is to go to space. This drive humans have, of moving beyond this planet, is as real as spiritual hunger itself. Isn’t that a sign this same creator wants us to evolve to a place both physically and spiritually so we may move out beyond this planet? How can we do that if the world dies? If there is some type of divine plan why would God waste a world? Why would God punish whole peoples who refuse to be scared into the knowledge of God? I don’t what the future holds as far as the end of the world goes but neither does anyone else, and that is the point. No one has been ever been close to right yet on this one. Yet we will, time and time again, give credence to these prophets of doom.
If anything, UFO ETs subject should give us hope not fear, especially if there is more than one type of Extra-Terrestrial beings visiting us. It means worlds of intelligent conscious minds have survived; beings no longer attached to one world and its fate; people that have access to many worlds in different stages of development. Is that not what life always does… survive?

I kind of find that people who fantasized about the end of the world haven’t really thought it through. Millions of babies would die, animals slaughtered, all books, art, science, religion gone into the night. Some say they will be saved from this tragedy. I ask myself, if I was saved would I ever be truly happy knowing the great tragedy that befell every other living creature?

Video One World One People ETs Hope?

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