Thursday, April 19, 2012

There is something here!

 There is no longer any doubt, there is something here, and you don't need a radio telescope to find out what.
We are seeing these object all over the world. The more people see them the more they believe. Even the news media is taking it serious. It use to be every time a UFO sighting was broadcast on the news it was done with a smirk on the face of the talking heads. Now they are presented like any other information. They have also given up explaining them.
 We all can be a part of helping people to keep an eye out. Tell your non-believers especially late at night to keep there eyes on the skies. If you film something let the news media know.  This is the new  age of the Flying Saucers and other objects.
Tell the people who keep saying these are secret black projects to go take a walk. These objects are way too advanced of anything we could even dream of. They do things that make us question our physics, and dam it, maybe we should.If fact these objects may be trying  to tell our scientist just that.

This is no longer a joke! What are these things and where do they come from? Have they solved the interstellar travel puzzle. Is faster than light possible? Is there a way to cancel gravity? This is what our scientist should be curious about instead of pretending they aren't there or giving explanations that are ridiculous when you look at the facts. Hey scientist i have a clue for you - We ARE NOT STUPID!

It is laughable when people make fun of us. Because day in and day out someone will see one of these UFOs and become a believer. After a close encounter they never go back to believing other wise. It can be such a powerful experience that people have spent their whole lives  trying to find what they witnessed.
These obsessions by people put to rest the idea that these are all hoaxes
For me the mystery  goes on. I witness them, I know they have been constructed, and I know they are not ours. So who is here and the bigger question is what do they want.

Joseph Capp
UFO Media Matters
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  4. I believe signs are pointing more and more to the fact that we are not alone out here in the vast exploits of space. Great blog, really enjoyed reading it.

  5. I always chuckle at the people who say all the UFOs are man-made. They are in 99.5% of the cases too lazy to read and read and then read some more, into the UFO subject and adjacent subjects. If they did, they'd eventually learn that some UFOs don't correspond to secret programs most basic traditional rules for area testing, traffic lights, flight without any known principles for thrust and lift or inertia, sizes that imply manufacturing in zero gravity (too large) and on and on it goes. The man-made theory-of-it-all is dead in the water.

    Thanks for the blog. All the best,
    Daniel Bergh, Sweden.