Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Abduction Game

The UFO community in the beginning of UFO abduction rsearch discounted all but a few abduction stories. Most of them were dismissed as fantasies. Then came the Betty & Barney hill case. No abduction case before this had such credibility. Calling Betty and Barney  hill hoaxers  was out of the question and all but the most insensitive researchers on both sides agreed with that. After all Betty and Barney were the pillars of the community with strong ties to the NAACP. It was a mix racial   marriage and as anyone knows who even is modestly acquainted  with history  a taboo among the majority of white people. If Betty and Barney had lived in the south I am sure there would have been hell to pay at the point in time. So the disgusting skeptics of that day were hesitant to attack the couple right on so they attacked the hypnotist and the time line to discredit the case.
We find Betty and Barny's case  mirrored in many cases today. At first very few reported that Betty had post UFO encounters  after the abduction.

Betty claimed she had many sightings after that and that she felt she could communicate with the beings on the saucers with her mind. At the time this was downplayed as obsession and very few would report on it as fact. Betty would report over and over that these saucers would come by her property and she would see them.
This was heresy back then and discounted as a older women's  fantasy.  Barny didn't want to know one way or the other  his UFO encounter gave him ulcers and that was enough for him. Did you know that Betty Hill wrote a book about her encounters called:  "A common Sense approach to UFOs': source: Open Minds Magazine "UFO Hotspots"
Today we find that these "Visitors" go and spy on certain people. They may even track them.
What use to be preposterous is just another day in the UFO community. We believe there are cases where families have been abducted over generations.
Some say millions are being abducted and I have a very hard time wrapping my head around that one. Think about what it would take for the ETs to do that.

For me and for many early researchers like Budd Hopkins most of the missing time cases have nothing to do with abductions. Even many of the reported cases are nothing more than "Sleep Paralysis" which can be very frightening.
I've had a few experiences  myself and thought for a time they were real until my wife woke me in the middle of one.  
My own position is most of the cases can be discounted as attributed to other symptoms.
This leaves us with some very strong well documented cases that defy explanations.
It is these cases that need to be studied more  thoroughly with some out of the box thinking because what ever is going on with these true abductions we really don't have a objective answer as to why and most of these poor souls were taken against  there wills.
Joseph Capp
UFO Media Matters
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  2. My comment got deleted so here it is again:

    > the disgusting skeptics of that day were hesitant to attack the couple right on so they attacked the hypnotist

    Kathleen Marden attacked hypnotist Dr. Benjamin Simon in Open Minds Magazine, Feb/Mar 2011.

  3. My first experience with UFOs was hearing about them after the Washington DC scare in 1952. I was only a child but it was a real big deal.
    Now It is over sixty years later and we're all still wondering what is in the skies.
    When will true scientist get off their asses,gets some b**ls and address this UFO issue squarely and honestly.
    I guess I see heaven before that happens, if it happens at all.
    Joe Capp

    1. To be fair, Mr. Capp, a lot of scientists have addressed UFOs (Sagan, Maccabbee, Haisch, Swords, Harley Rutledge and numerous other PhDs).

      It would be nice to see an ongoing, systematic, scientific investigation of cases, but the UFO community might be the biggest obstacle to such an enterprise. UFO proponents tend to have a great deal of antipathy toward science and scientists. Many UFO believers are not interested in disproving their theories -- a key scientific approach to testing theories. Scientists don't have a lot of incentive to engage a research community that is only interested in confirmation, a community which will not be open to changing its long-held opinion.

      The best thing would be to have ufologists lead the way by practising science, by testing evidence instead of just telling stories. I have enjoyed reading ufologists who are willing to disprove cases when the sutiation requires it, such as James Moseley, Kevin Randle, Jenny Randles, Chris Rutkowski. There are a lot of critical thinkers out there, but who is the most popular ufologist in the English-speaking world? Stanton Friedman, who is little more than a conspiracy theorist these days.

  4. I want some witness protection for this shit I'm scared I'm really really scared I have my baby girl I'm alone at night I feel like I'm being watched.. I hope to never see that again it wasn't far away this came up to me