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The Four

As he stands inside the doorway he is afraid but he believes all that he sees…. on the floor where everything is merging…and the pictures he sees are tragic…and he begins to believe in Magic.
Richie Havens.

If you're a debunker how do you explain four credible witnesses who come forward 12 years later about a UFO sighting and Alien abduction? This was just the case in the Allagash abduction story where twin brothers, Jack and Jim Weiner, along with their friends, Chuck Rak and Charlie Foltz, had close encounters and missing time. When eventually the story came out a well respected, well seasoned, UFO researcher, Ray Fowler, set up the sessions with a certified hypnotist. Later, as all four went under separate hypnosis sessions. The classic abduction scenario played out. The debunkers, of course immediately jumped on the hypnotists as the explanation; simply put the hypnotist had led each one of these four men into a false memory of alien abduction. Sounds like a plausible explanation. A overzealous hypnotist leads the subject toward abduction because that is what he/she believes happened.

This is where the laymen and scientists so many times miss the boat when they explore no further and buy into this explanation. The details of this group's alien abduction experience shouts out to the common sense mind that the "false memory" floating boat does not hold water.

As in the Betty and Barney Hill abduction the Allagash abduction begins with a close encounter of the second kind. But, unlike Betty and Barney, they had a previous sighting four days earlier.

In this case four friends go on their dream camping and fishing trip in the Allagash river territory in Maine. Interesting enough they were told the river water was too low to fish by Park Rangers, but they went anyway and to their surprise the water level was fine.

This first encounter and it's description of the light have been repeated thousands of times in others UFO reports: They noticed on shore an extremely bright light over the trees, then it seemed to wink out as if it collapsing inward. They quickly forgot about it and four days later the small group found a spot where they decided to go night fishing. They built a large all night camp fire, and the four friends ventured forth by canoe on the river for some great productive night fishing. It was productive all right, but not for them.

As they started to fish a bright light rose over the trees and hovered. It was described by all four as radiating. They mentioned that it seemed to be the same light they all witnessed four days earlier. What they do next also is not new to UFO history. They used their flashlight to signal the lighted object. The object responded by immediately shining a beam down on the river. Before the critical among you think that this could have been a helicopter, think again. The object witnessed by all four was silent, even at very close range. They became frightened as the object seemed to be getting bigger and closer. Almost simultaneously they all started paddling as hard as they can toward shore. Jack was in the back of the canoe and could see it was gaining on them quickly he knew there was no way they couldn't possible get away. The next thing they were aware they were then on shore and was the large lighted object was hanging in the night above them close enough "to hit it with a stone." They had been on the lake a short while; at least they thought… They signaled it again but got no response and it drifted away but then as an added statement the light collapsed inward only to reappear far away, It then to shot off into space. They did notice their campfire (which had been blazing when they left) was only cinders upon their return to the campsite- this was impossible they felt as they were no more than twenty minutes on the lake.

The following suggests strongly that they were under some powerful post hypnotic commands. After having the scary experience they all almost immediately fell to sleep and never talked about their experience during the following ten days of their camping. Again, we find the classic experience: missing time and a almost pathological need not to talk about it afterward. I have often wondered why these entities don't just wipe human memories? But, you know, they don't have to. All they need to do is buy time. That is what they seem to do after most abductions by inducing long term amnesia. But nature will not be denied not even by aliens. When something that traumatic happens it has to leak out. For years the two brothers had horrible similar nightmares. Folks, these nightmares happened years before the induced hypnotism. Although the dreams were in some ways different there was one way they were very much the same. They both experienced creatures in the dreams, they were confined in a room by these beings who paralyzed with their minds. They remembered being violated like lab rats. They felt the helplessness and the rage associated with a real abduction. These terrors are not from TV . What is happening here is much more than that and I think we all know it. The evidence and emotion surrounding this abduction was real and no induced hypnotism was yet in place.

For years afterwards, the brothers had these abduction terror dreams. They never told each other about the dreams; only their wifes knew. Eventually these dreams started to intensify and they started to talk to each other about them. (Think about Barney Hill right now and how Betty had the constant dreams and Barney had to be treated for an ulcer. Stress finds a way out). There reaction on learning they were both plague by their horrible dreams they stated to talk to the others who were there.

The important details to these types of reports are the side avenues the debunkers don't want to get into. They will not address these types of details publically because they really can't. There is no other explanation except something real happened. When the horrible details of what happened in the four separate hypnotic sessions matched, this stopped being a quaint UFO story. No, this was an all too frightening, this was the about pain, the terror the loss and embarrassment of abduction and rape. The ultimate terror… to lose complete control to something that isn't even from earth.

Charles Foltz, one of the group, eventually bought into the debunkers explanation. He stated it must have been false memory. No one seems to point out this is a very possible reaction to an experience that was so horrifying in its significance as to shatter your future for all time. He simply did not want it to be real, and who can blame him? As for the fifteen minutes of fame explanation looming out there, the details of this abduction are embarrassing in a public forum. Why would these types of outdoorsmen do that to themselves?

What do these beings want? Why do they leave clues? Is it just mistakes or are they leaving messages in these abduction? Do they leave deep subconscious messages which tell us who is in control ?

Remember that even if you are in a group, if you try to signal a UFO what you get back may be more than a Hello.
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