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Stan Romanek : “The Possum People” Part One

Stan Romanek an abductee, is best known for the “Alien In The Window” video that was ridiculed all over the web when it was shown. I believe in my heart that many UFO videos and photos that have been dismissed as hoaxes were real. Just because you can duplicate the contents of a video doesn’t mean the original was faked. As we have found so many times in UFO historical cases the facts just do not fit a hoax. If Stan Romanek faked what happened to him then it included faking an implant. That implant, according to Stan, was tested by Berkeley Labs and found to be very complex and strange. The lab then proceeded to lose it… sound familiar? This great hoax would have also had to include MUFON, multiple witnesses, and a host of professionals. Stan also had to fake, for his whole life, a very poor understanding of math because during these abduction he was able to write complex differential equations “forwards and backwards”

Ramanek was a guy born in Colorado. His father was an NCO working on Minute Man Missiles so they moved around a great deal. Eventually, after college, he worked as a manager at one of the local stores. He was a not a believer and had a general “disgust for the UFO subject”. As I have mentioned before, in previous post, it is one thing to see a light in the sky dance and quite another to see a detailed UFO craft. Something like that is hard to deny and may change a person’s life forever. Stan was to find that out.
It all began with a desire to get his girlfriend to move to his home state. While out filming scenic spots to send her to persuade her, Stan had a close encounter that frightened and bewildered him. After noticing people in their cars pulled over to the side of the road and looking up, he stopped to see what was happening. In the book “Messages” by J. Allen Danelek, we read of his first sighting.

The craft was a series of “multiple spheres”; the smaller ones on the bottom “rotating”. He noticed something strange. “Perhaps the most peculiar thing about the craft was the inky black area between the rotating lower spheres. It was the blackest black I had ever seen in my life…” The object started to follow Stan as he then raced away in his car. Becoming very frightened, he remembered his video camera The craft almost immediately retreated when he tried to video it. He did get video but not as clear as he had hoped.
In many multiple sighting abduction cases like Stans, these events do not happen in a vacuum, it seemed many abductees have been mark in early childhood by mysterious people. Most of these experiences are usually consciously forgotten and only remembered when the subject is having the UFO/paranormal experience. Stan only started to remember his experience as a young child when the UFO encounters began to unfold. A woman with large blue eyes who spoke to him in his mind: this is right out of ET Abduction 101. The encounters with this strange woman included what appeared to be her trying to hypnotize him.
Also within the body of Stan’s encounters, we find conspiratorial events which are so so common to abductee stories. Tap phones waring messages and many more To deny the events happen, to experiencer and UFO researchers alike, is equivalent to sticking your head in the sand . More on that in Part Two.

The first abduction is recounted in the book “Messages”. It seems these ETs knocked at the front door. It was at 2:30 am on a September night in 2001. Stan had been woken by persistent knocking on the front door. When he walked into the living room he noticed his sister in a daze staring transfixed at the front door. The three short beings pushed his sister aside and enter the house. There stood three grays two males and one female. Stan thought at first they were wearing Halloween costumes. They were:
“four and a half feet tall, while the males wore a type of light blue jumpsuits the female’s clothing resembled a robe, also light blue in color…The stangers were very skinny-so skinny ,in fact, I couldn’t imagine how their massive heads could possibly be supported by such thin necks…the eyes were massive- almond shaped…chins long and pointes.” Stan also mentions the hair “pure white’ on the beings which is very similar to many abduction scenarios.

When Stan finally snaps out of it and realizes these are not people in masks he almost losses it… a soothing voice pops into his head

“It’s Ok”

Video: Another Abduction

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Stan Romanek: “The Possum People”

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