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Those Who Protect…

Dedicated to Police Officers Dale Spaur & William Neff Of Portage Ohio.

In a previous post a "When Venus Turned Out To Be A UFO"I wrote about how two Ohio police officers in a famous historical UFO case were set up by a secret government operation which also hid pertinent evidence from Project Bluebook. Both officers lost their careers. This is not fiction or a hoax, since the original evidence is part of the original case files. That impressive evidence --including transcripts of taped interviews with these sworn officers of police and sheriff’s departments-- delivered complete with affadavits, were almost destroyed, except for a a serving assistant deputy sheriff Michael M. Nelson, who took the files home and searched through them in 2006. .

Here in America, we see the same attacks repeated decade after decade by the skeptics. If a police officer sees a UFO at night, the skeptics find any sequence of stars or planets in that area of the sky, then proclaim that is what the police officers must be seeing. Even UFO researchers will jump aboard this same old ‘Must Be A Planet’ wagon. And what’s that, but a government hoax?

But in the Portage, Ohio case, we now find after 50 years, that even though Venus was in the same part of the sky as the “supposed UFO”, what the cops chased was, in fact, a real UFO… NOT VENUS!

The government not only knew this fact, they played the skeptics… who immediately, in locked step, echoed the government’s position that Venus was The Only Explanation.

What about the police officers’ careers and reputation? The UFO researchers went home, Project Bluebook went home, and those Police Offers had to deal with the rest of their lives.

“But in the long run good always wins out.” Ghandi

In the UK, serving Detective Constable GARY HESELTINE knows why police officers who have encounters with UFOs will not report them: “The media present the subject with a degree of ridicule --this is a total misrepresentation of the KNOWN FACTS about UFOs.”

He understands the ridicule and career losses officers would suffer if they report a sighting. He also understands the significance of their experience, so as in all great new endeavors --whether recognized or not-- the spirit moves the person and something is born in this case: PRUFOS (Police Reporting UFO Sightings).

So Detective Gary Heseltine simply gets on the phone and starts collecting those reports on his own time. Word gets out that he can be trusted. Police Officers who feel the need to report the profound experience to somebody, somewhere, report to him.

Now the data.

There has been a marked increase --39%-- in the police reports to PRUFOS last year. The increase coincides with the increase in observation in the UK in 2007.

One hundred and thirty-five constables (police officers) reported sightings of UFOs in 2007. These are officers who have their own sightings, remember, not citizen sightings only reported to them, but sightings of their own.

Here is some of the breakdown direct from the UK resource:
Of the 44 cases
4 Close Encounter of the 1st Kind.5 are Daylight Discs35 are Nocturnal Light
6 involve sightings with high multiple officer corroboration.14 involve multiple UFOs
One of the cases posted:
2153-2157 hours. 15/09/2007. Yeovil, Somerset. An off-duty sighting by Special Constable PC STEPHEN MAINS. Having gone outside his home to have a cigarette he noticed a bright orange object moving slowly across the sky to the east. As it did so he then saw that there were two other orange lights that appeared to be moving in formation nearby. All three objects then passed directly over his home at which point the officer called his wife to observe the objects who corroborated the sighting. UFO CLASSIFICATION – NL (NOCTURNAL LIGHT). Off Duty sighting. 1 Officer. Source: The PRUFOS Police Database.

Below we have just a few of the amazing UFO close encounters by police officers --some with multiple witnesses. Before we begin, remember the number one factor in becoming a good police officer is observation. So the argument the skeptics put forth “yeah, police officers are trained but they make mistakes” just doesn’t wash when you weigh the evidence.

These guys’ and gals’ whole career depends on observation. Can a police officer make a mistake in a flash observation? Yes, but how about long-term observations with other people who report the same thing? Or even observations in broad daylight? How about landings?

Whether we’re talking about a street cop, detective, or undercover detail team, if you’re a cop without critical observation skills, you can die. The number one factor in staying alive as a police officer is observation. So we can be sure when police are making UFO reports, they’re telling us what they really see. And what they’re telling is plenty: they’re not only reporting strange lights with strange behavior in the sky, they also are going on record that they clearly observe structured craft in the daytime…even landings.
Cops & UFOs From Alien Hunters Some Clips. Show started off rocky gut doing better. Warning Audio choppy.

Three Huntington Police Officers See Circular Flying Object:
"The object, seen from just north of the city Police Station, came out of the northwest to the steeple of a near by Catholic Church, then shot straight back north. It didn't make any noise, and it remained in their sight for less than a minute. But it was big described as the size of a hot air balloon or a backyard trampoline and low enough that one officer thought it was going to get hung up on the steeple of the church."

Artist’s illustration:

Dozens in Stephenville and Dublin, Texas report seeing large UFO:
Several dozen people — including a pilot, county constable and business owners — insist they have seen a large silent object with bright lights flying low and fast. Some reported seeing fighter jets chasing it.

25 witnesses observed a black oval shaped object:
And in a clear sky overhead and to the south was a black object in the oval shape of a rugby ball! It was not moving and stayed exactly where it was as we approached. It seemed to be about 2000 feet above the ground near our Central Park and about the size of a 747. Many people pulled off the highway to look at it, including 2 policemen. It did not move at all and was not a balloon or kite.
Police officer observes unknown craft:…from the witness: "I observed an aircraft, approx. 150-200ft above ground level and approx 300-500ft slant range from my location. It was rolling out of a right bank and the streetlights were illuminating it enough so that I could see a distinct silhouette of the fuselage and the underbelly. This object appeared to be the same color as the night sky, flat black or dark gray. There were no lights, no exhaust flames and no engine noise... just absolute silence!"

How many police who have witnessed a UFO will not talk about it?

The reason for police silence on UFO reporting can be connected directly to how the skeptics and the media treat UFO sightings and those who report them.

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