Friday, February 1, 2008

The Damndest Story I Ever Heard

Has A 50 Mile-Long Spaceship Landed
On Greenland

"…Summer of 1942 near Tasmania off Australia. The Royal Air Force were assigned the duty to investigate “mysterious lights” being seen by fishing boats on the sea at night, this was the Brass Strait:
“Major Brennan and his crew then spotted an object in the clouds. At 5:50 P.M. in a lovely sunny evening, we were flying some miles east of the Tasman Peninsula when [all of ] a sudden there came out of a cloud bank a singular airfoil of glistening bronze color. I’d say it was around 150 feet long, and around fifty feet in diameter. It had a sort of beak at its prow, and the surface seemed buried, or rippled or fluted. In its upper surface was a dome, or cupola, from which I seemed to see reflected flashes as the Sun struck something, which might or might not have been a helmet, worn by something inside. The other end of the airfoil thinned out into a sort of fin.

Every now and again there came from it’s keel greenish-blue flashes. It turned at a small angle towards us and I was amazed to see, framed in a white circle on the front of the dome an image of a large grinning Cheshire Cat! The damn thing flew parallel to us for some minutes, and then at it abruptly turned away and as it did so it [showed] four things like fins on its bell-side. It went off at a hell’s pace, turned and dived straight down into the Pacific and went under throwing up a regular whirlpool of waves. Just as if it had been a submarine”.

The crew kept quiet about this and reported it only to a UFO researcher years later, “…because if we had [reported it] we would have been grounded”.
From the book Strange Company, by Keith Richards

Cheshire Cat Origins?
Wikipedia points out interesting origins of Cheshire Cats, aka Chester cats:Cheshire is a dairy county, long noted for its cheese and dairy products, and there used to be a cheese warehouse on the banks of the river Dee in the county town of Chester, when that fair city was also a port. The port cats were said to assemble on the dockside and await the rats and mice that would leave ships when they docked ready to take on a cargo of Cheshire cheese. This made them the happiest cats in the kingdom —hence their grins!

The Cheshire Cat is a fictional cat appearing in Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. The character is derived from an old English simile, "grinning like a Cheshire cat." It appears and disappears at will, engaging Alice in amusing but sometimes vexing conversation. The cat sometimes points out philosophical points that annoy Alice.

Instead of just dismissing as a wild story the RAF report of the bronze-colored vessel with a smiling…something in it disappearing beneath the waves, I did some digging on the Cheshire Cat. I wondered what it could possibly mean. It was unsettling, to say the least.

That report added so much depth and complexity to the ET psyche, it was downright scary. For decades I found these reports interesting, but never thought they meant any thing…just another strange aspect of the ufology enigma.

But now I wonder…maybe we should start really thinking about it. What if there’s an ET message behind these Cheshire cat smiles that recur now and then in ufology reports?

Could the ETs know us that well? Do they dig that far down into our psyche? Wouldn’t they need to know us very well, if they had to stay on our planet, hidden?

Is that what’s been going all along? That they’re hinting how well they really know us?

On one night, in 1942, did one visiting alien blow the mind of a resident alien with the truth…transmitted in an enigmatic smile?

I don’t like to think there is something smarter then humans. In the movies when the evil aliens are planning an attack, we --the earth people-- nearly always find a way to defeat them. We defeat them because the aliens never seem to know what the human species are really capable of.

They don’t know us deep down. According to the movies.

But in real life, is this even close to the truth?

I know some will dismiss the alien with the Cheshire cat smile in that bronze ship as imagination or a trickster-type event. But couldn’t we be wrong? I wonder if this alien was saying that his species stood …. smiling… on a distant shore…waiting patiently for something….

Waiting for what? That’s what’s really got me worried.

Damdest Video: From DVD J. Maussan "& 15 Years Of UFO in Mexico Part One"

I received an e-mail before Christmas from a friend who wanted me to take a look at Greenland. The rumor going around was, a military insider leaked a report that a 50 mile- long ET vessel is parked in Greenland trying to reverse the effects of global warming.

So I did go to the Google map, and right there, close to the bottom of Greenland, was this dark triangle! You can see it clearly from 200 miles up. Next, I went virtually all over the Google Map to see if this was some type of photo error or blemish. But I found no other anomaly like this.

I wonder if this anomaly might instead be some type of military base, intentionally hidden. What I see on Google’s Greenland certainly looks like tampering of some kind. The anomalous area is perfectly black. If you wish to look for your self it is near the bottom of country and about centere, hard to miss it.
Does anyone know what this is? Please leave a comment or e-mail me at

Joseph Capp
UFO Media Matters
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  1. I've noted something similar to that, also on Greenland.

    The best explanation seems to be that this is an artefact of the image composition process where sometimes the edges don't quite meet.

    That said the question is: Why Greenland?

    It might be the vast featureless snowfields are either the ideal place to start and finish the process or that the whiteness is the kind of contrast that highlights the problem.

    Or it is a giant UFO over Greenland ;)

    Anyway great report, it certainly sets the cogs turning.

  2. I also received this via e-mail From David Dunken
    A story about this may still be up in a Filer's File about it. You'd
    have to check every one for a few weeks back, maybe as far as a
    month. The odd thing here is that you say it's totally black. I'm
    reading that as "blacked out," as in "someone" blacked it out
    recently, if that is in fact how it now appears in Google, because
    the previous images showed it as having a copper-bronze color. So
    that's interesting. No idea what it is. I recall some speculation
    about it being an imaging glitch. Don't know how credible that is
    though. Others say it appeared to be emerging FROM the ice.

    Thanks David
    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog

  3. There are 2 anomalies on Google Earth's Greenland. You are referencing the black one - the larger, orangish colored one is north of the black strip shown on this blog.

  4. Would it be possible to check what sources he states for the Cheshire Cat story?

    I posted my (admittedly rambling) thoughts on this and got a quick response expressing concern about the sources - there are a number of versions of this story doing the rounds with different details and all relying on secondary (or worse) sources. I had assumed Keith Chester (not Richards ;) That is another story entirely) had consulted primary military records but I don't have the book so wanted to check with someone who does, to see how the land lies.


  5. Semi-serious question: was it the Tenniel Cheshire Cat, or the Disney Cheshire Cat? Or neither? Did the witness make a drawing, and does it still exist?

    Sounds like a Trickster encounter to me. Damn, these extra- or crypto-terrestrials do love messing with our heads, don't they?

  6. Dear Emperor,
    I thought I was going crazy. Yes, I also viewed that large orange slab rectangle up further from the black one. But unlike the black one it seems to be covered in snow. The black rectangle stays black so it doesn't seem to be on the ground but rather a mark on the map.
    Thank You for your help.
    UFO Media Matters

  7. Dear Emperor,
    Thank you for your response. The story was first reported to Steven T. Watkins in the book "Flying Saucers Uncensored". He claims it was anonymous at the time. So I am wondering how he found the name Major Brennan? I hope someday to see him at a conference and ask him.
    Thank You
    Joseph Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog

    Ps. Sorry addressed an e-mail to you instead of Anonymous

  8. Dear Nick,
    He describes it as a white circle on the front of the dome. Now I don't which trickster it represented. What date did Disney's "Alice" come out. Was this a reflection of the real Cheshire Cat from the fable or from Alice In Wonder Land. Do Est. challenge our philosophy or are they waiting with a big smile.

    I don't like the trickster answer. It stops me from thinking. I've used it myself and I find that if I look closer a possible ET disinformation campaign is going or EST. have their own complex personalities.

    It is easy for me to throw out the trickster and forget about it many times but then I tried to start to answer this reports using common sense.
    There is more poof of entitles like us are out there in space on other planets every day. I like to think they are not two dimensional beings but feel the whole spectrum of emotions like us. I believe they are not Gods, but make mistakes, and communicate like us in many different ways. I believe some sightings are messages to governments now. I just hope the Grinning Cat was not them waiting us to screw up this world so they are allowed to come down and intervene

    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters

  9. Joe thanks for checking that source - it is of concern that it is one of two sources which tell wildly different versions of this story. See here.

    As I mention in my blog posting on this the Disney Alice movie dates to 1951. It struck me this sounded like the kind of "nose art" painted on aircraft in WWII and I did find a Cheshire cat one but it seems to be words not pictures.

    What concerns me is that the Disney one would make an ideal image but post-dates the claimed date of the sighting but not the date the report first emerged in 1955. Of course, we don't have a description of the Cheshire Cat but it is troubling.

    Of course, in the other version of the story it is Mickey Mouse. So all bets are off.

    Odd sidebar: The main who created The Cheshire Cat design for Disney was a UFO fan.

  10. The Black rectangle in southern Greenland actually shows a groove on the edges of the black gap in the glacier extending to the west. It shows that this is a retractable surface that was open at the time of the satelite passing by taking the photo. Itis notan anomaly. It is two miles wide and 25 miles long. Measure it and check it yourselves. The hollow Earth theory comes to mind but it is more than likely a airfield of some enormous proportions.Some pretty big Ufos could come and go from that big of a runway. What do you think ?

  11. Dear Anonymous,
    It has been long time since I visited the Map on this anomaly, I think it is very possible that this is blacked out. I never see any snow on it?
    What ever it is we will probably never know.

  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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