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I was going to write about "People who shoot at UFO"s but I had to respond to this.

Mr. Kimball tells us to think?

First a famous UFO case from the past:

"Dr W. Hall( a biochemist) and Dr. Y (a bacteriologist) were coming into their company parking lot at 11.00 am when they noticed a metallic-looking silver disk 4-5 ft in diameter and 1.5 feet thick above a building across the street (these were their best estimates). It was tilted and wobbling, emitting no sound or exhaust. It moved slowly over their heads at less then 50 feet and when it arrived at a railroad yard it made a turn and headed back in their direction. Just then they noticed a round black object hovering 10.000 feet that they estimated to be 100 feet in diameter. From out of the clouds above two other similar unidentified appeared and the “three craft jittered like boats in a stream”. At that moment the small silver UFO arrived where they were standing, stopped spinning and then shot out of sight. One of the black objects moved away in the same direction while the two others hovered for a couple of minutes before speeding off.”

Dr. W. Hall comments. “We had been forced to the conclusion that we had seen some objects of such unusual propulsion characteristics that is was difficult to think of it as anything other then extraterrestrial. With our joint observation we began to worry about the implications recalling historically “technologically inferior civilizations have historically crumbled when contacted by those more advanced.”
UFO Magazine (documented case)

Now to Mr. Kimball

Mr. Kimball in his latest public “thinking” will take the “Official explanation on the UFO O’Hair” story. Which one the “never happened” story or “yea we did get a phone call” story. I think his assertion that there should be some “”photographs” is absurd. Even though there might have been I can understand why there easily could have been none.
Mr. Kimball should fly out of Canada to O’Hara and take a camera along or visit Brooklyn New York where I live.. Take all the pictures you want until you get haul out of there. I was told firmly to put my camera “away right now or they would take it.” when I was taking pictures of my Grandson at Kennedy not the safest Airport. Better yet Mr. Kimball should go out to the air fields (outside the fence is ok) and take pictures you have a ball. I’m sure later on you have at least a folder on you tuck away some where.

Mr. Kimball should take some advice from (a relative) a real “thinker” Mr. Stanton Friedman and interview the witnesses as Peter Davenport did. They included Pilots and Mechanics. Who just happened not to have cameras with them at an airport waiting for UFOs or “helicopters”?

As far as the problem of clear pictures of UFOs is concerned this can easily be solved even with known effects. The subject was explained in 1995 by a scientist. In Paul R Hills “Unconventional Flying Objects”. He suggests something on the order of a corona discharge could be the explanation of why we rarely get clear photographs. Another theory I like is a type energy field around the craft, very plausible and likely considering the possible modes of transportation.

Mr. Hill accepted some of the very creditable witnesses at face value and tried to build logical scientific hypothesis around that data. What I believe also some of these are craft.

Mr. Kimball talks about thinking,I agree. But make sure you thinking out of the right side of your body.

Peter Davenports web page

Off Mike Comments About O'Hare."

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