Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sad UFO Cases: President Obama and Abstract Fears

If you have preconceptions, you’re never going to discover anything.”
--Professor Gordon Freeman

It’s time to scream for justice on two old unsolved cases that have cried out for decades for government honesty, and public resolution.

Enter into the maze of US Government secrecy, a new President and his new directive on the FOIA [Freedom of Information Act], and you have the real possibility of solving once and for all these important cases!

So here’s a key part of that inspiring Obama speech we can hope will be the new USG standard for dealing with all kinds of news and facts we the American people have --until lately-- had no hope of learning, since campaigns of secrecy, of disinformation, and ridicule have been waged against so many individuals --from scientists plainly told by Bush administration officials to hide clear evidence of documented present devastation of global warming, and from diplomats to journalists, to UFO witnesses:
“The Freedom of Information Act should be administered with a clear presumption: In the face of doubt, openness prevails. The Government should not keep information confidential merely because public officials might be embarrassed by disclosure, because errors and failures might be revealed, or because of speculative or abstract fears.”

There are UFO witnesses who died out there. Call them victims of their own sightings. Some died directly. Some died in obscurity, victims of the conditioned response society built around them, as the government isolated these folks, routinely --and as a matter of policy-- using public ridicule in the press and whisper campaigns in their neighborhoods, businesses, and schools to raise questions about their patriotism or their sanity.

In both cases I’m posting about today, the US military was involved. So there must be a paper trail.

UFO investigators have run into a brick wall in their effort to find the information needed to resolve these mysteries.

First Case:
The Portage, Ohio UFO case, where two law enforcement officers, County Sheriff's Deputy Spaur and Wilbur Neff, were accused of mistaking a UFO for Venus and chasing it through three counties. A strange military car was witnessed in the region and Project Bluebook allegedly did the only official government investigation.
Yet decades later, Michael M. Nelson, a deputy sheriff working in that same office, found the files on the Portage case, which show the officers were victims of the clandestine government UFO investigation.

The government intervention in this case is not conspiracy theory --it’s conspiracy fact. The police files documenting orders and questions by US Government officials showed this. Remember, Project Bluebook was supposedly the only government body investigating UFO sightings. 1966. Project Bluebook, so the debunkers claim, owned the inside track on everything ufology-wise; the debunkers claim nothing, was hidden from Project Bluebook, and there was no secret program of investigation anywhere in the US Government. But here we have official city and county law enforcement files showing the opposite. This is only a sample of what Deputy Michael Nelson found when he opened this Ohio Pandora’s box:
“Memo from Sheriff Dustman To Detective Smith, Dated April 18 1966. Instructing the Detective that the Sheriff’s investigation was to be kept strictly confidential, it was not to be disclosed, to either the Air Force or NICAP that an independent investigation was being conducted.”

The people who gave these orders to Sheriff Dustman were powerful. He left his two Deputies to be skinned and hung out to dry, knowing it was not Venus or a star the two well-regarded law enforcement officers saw. In fact, Sheriff Dustman was ordered to do lab reports.

These Ohio officers were flesh and blood, like you and me. They were made a laughing stock in their home town. Decades later, with broken careers, broken marriages and at life’s end, the only legacy their first-person, truthful, duty-bound reportage of the intelligently-directed lights and craft they saw won them only public ridicule.
If you really want to read what happened to these good men, go here:

Synopsis of the case in an audio interview of the Sheriff’s Department is here:

The second case was the Piney Woods Cash-Landrum UFO case, in which two Texas women and a child were exposed to radiation after a close encounter with a UFO craft. The child --who hid behind the seat-- received the least dose. The adult mother of the young child received the worst dose but both the elder woman and her neighbor, suffered the terrible radiation symptoms and had many health problems. All their subsequent health problems were consistent with well-documented exposure to high doses of radiation, from feeling burned to hair loss, vision problems, and ultimately, skin cancers. There is no doubt that the government was involved in the very dishonorable coverup of this case, as well.

Professional debunker No Class Phil Klass of course had a field day on the Cash Landrum case, implying, because of lack of evidence the women and child --or the UFO investigator-- were lying about what happened:
Here’s an unfortunately classic No Class Klass quote:
“when Schuessler inspected Betty's (Landrum) car in early 1981 and used a Geiger counter to check for radioactivity, he found none. Presumably [sic] he also checked for radioactivity when he visited the site of the (alleged) incident, and found no abnormal radiation ... [Schuessler] provides NO medical data on Betty's health PRIOR to the UFO incident. Nor does he provide any medical data on the prior health of Vicki or Colby.”

But this was not the truth and Klass knew it… when all he had to do to was ask Vickie’s doctor:

UFO Hunters C/L case: “I have no idea why I wrote that?”

We also have the UFO researchers’ circus around this case.

We need an energetic, fresh researcher out there who knows his way around the FOIA to start the process. No matter what you believe about these two tragic cases, the UFO Witnesses did not deserve the treatment they received.

This is still our country, isn’t it? If we only think of the new President’s promise of transparency and accountability in terms of learning about UFOs we’ve completely lost sight of the most important factor of all…the human factor. It’s all part of the humanity that must be restored to our government, which has lost its focus and been so long focused on endless generation of non-accountability, fake efficiency, and all of it, in the name of endless profiteering via the last decades out-of-control financial speculation at home, and endless war-making abroad that has little to no regard for either civilian…or soldiers’ lives.

Joseph Capp
UFO Media Matters

Non-Commercial Blog


  1. Excellent post, thank you.
    We often forget, as Jeff Rense says on his program, that "many lead lives of quiet desperation" after their encounters. One can only imagine the stories that have never surfaced.

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  2. Hi,

    I think that we also need new methodologies. The scope of investigations has not kept up with new theories and methods that address the immeasurability issue.

    When I asked Peter Gersten ( the attorney for Cash|Landrum )for commentary as to where he felt emphasis should be placed in current research ( the lack thereof) he inferred that the "paranormal" aspects of this phenomenon were where more energy should be placed.

    In popular culture, "paranormal" means one thing and in hard research it means another.
    In hard research this means the nature of how consciousness operates.

    This is by no means the only avenue to be investigated, but to my way of thinking, the UFO phenomenon provides an opportunity to test a variety of theories.

    We seem to be stuck between the hard wired and soft wired camps.

    To my way of thinking this phenomenon incorporates both which is what makes this phenomenon so unique.

    As Paul Kimball noted that this is as much a sociological issue as well.

    There are so many avenues that have not been explored. One of the reasons I began blogging on this subject was my own feeling that "out of the box" thinking was needed instead of the same old, same old ruts.

    I think an important benefit to continue to do this in your writing mine and many others, is to
    draw young people who can look at this with fresh eyes.

    That is not to say that the folks who volunteer their time in the field are to be underestimated.

    We may both retire from writing before this bears any fruit, as well as the fact it may not, but that is not to say that this is not worthwhile.

    It's an uphill climb, but after many decades I still want to know whats on the other side of the mountain.

    Best Wishes

  3. Dear Bruce,
    This is weird, before I was to read your comment I was thinking about writing a post called "The Call Of the Wild: UFO Research And Young People"
    I also agree. Although I know MUFON has move toward investigating seriously, reports that are more meta-physical in nature. The Director of MUFON J. C. commented on that particular subject at the 27th annual conference of the Society Of Scientific Exploration Conference.
    But I just wonder a serious problem as far as metaphysical investigation of UFOs; money.
    You never know if it is interwoven or projected by technical means. We have to admit these are real possibilities. We also don't know if it is part of their nature. For instance a machine moving in and out of space time may look like it is disappearing. A ship with little or no mass may let bullets pass through it. Bio-cyborgs could be used for these strange animals which seem to be impervious to bullets. It's much cheaper for an investigator to prove it's nut's and bolts then trying to proving the metaphysical part of it as genuinely part of it. I do think that no matter what is being reported it should be investigated seriously. There is no doubt now that paranormal events happen around flaps and close encounters.
    It is no longer a laughing matter when a witness claims multiple sightings and contacts
    I'm sure you understand the reason some Nuts & Bolts people are hesitant publicly to report to scientist the metaphysical nature of UFO reports. For a long time I though they were right, after all we will never get them to look at the date then. But now I have come to the conclusion after 60 years of real proof this is real that the only chance is to get a real grassroots movement around our witnesses emphasizing their dignity and right to be heard. You can't do that if you pretend they are not there or are crazy.
    At this moment MUFON has Abduction data from sensors placed in Abductees homes waiting for money to have it analyzed. This monitoring could show some very interesting data during claimed abduction nights.
    I wish we had the money to truly investigate independently what is happening with the right instruments and in a moments notice. I would call it UFO Strike Team UFO ST...(what do think Bruce good name) and be non-commercial...pure research .
    Thanks Bruce
    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog

  4. Hi

    I like the name. I did a follow up to your post on my own blog.

    Best Wishes

  5. Thank Bruce Looking forward to reading it. Ego be gone.
    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog

  6. I think you already know how much I agree with you.

    I have felt very passionately about cases such as these. So many good folk have been slammed and ruined because of the arrogance and apparent misunderstanding of how to deal with these things.

    Sometimes its religious dogma, causing someone to ignore the reality of the incident, and its effects (i.e., there can't possibly be Extra Terrestrials, etc.)...sometimes its just the equivalent, bringing on the same affect.

    Either way, its been going on for far too long!!! I say, to the powers that exercise the control over the truth, and those who work for, or just generally fear them, "Get A Grip!, and be the master of your emotions!"

    "Do the right thing, and make good on the damage you have done to all of these poor citizens of our free nation!"

    Love, Bob.

  7. Thanks Bob,
    I am really thankful of the great positive response I am getting, not only here, but on my You Tube channel. So many people can emphasize with not being listen too. Most UFO witnesses know what it feels like to be laugh at. So standing up for truth is a courageous... act especially in the UFO public arena.

    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog

  8. Joe,
    This is not for publication, I lost your new e mail address could you resend it to I just had an idea I wanted to discuss with you.
    Thanks In Advance
    Best Wishes

  9. Thanks all of you for oppening up the days of truth. And thanks for seeing and not closing your eyes. Now I really do belive it is time to look at what we can do about all of this. There are other beings here than the gray. Perhaps we should also fokus on that, and let people se and learn. People need to know how to diffrens between whats good for them and what is not. We all know the stocholm syndrom, so its hard for anyone to dislike the gray, it rather makes most people confused and intriged at the same time.

    I belive we have to remember us, and who we really are. If the gray made us genetic, then how come there "Children" dont look close to what we look like, and that it seems like they appear desperate, by stealling people in there bedrooms, and treating them like underdogs in there high tecknologi of reproducing mankind?! I am must 100 % sure, that they are not friends, and that the USG knows this so well. Imagin what would happen, If the USG oppend all files... People they sold to the gray, people they killed to make them sillent, just because of there own greed.

    They are not affraied of the way people react, knowing there are other beings... and this is what we all know. But if the truth shouldt come out, that the land of the free is actually building up the 3. world, the world Hitler was preparing... now thats a huge shok.

    so lets oppen det box before its to late for the human kind to be who we really are... The children of the stars, not the people ;)

    By the way Im 43, so I guess I am one of the young ones lol


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  11. Dear anonymous,
    Thank you for taking the time out to write. Saying thanks for me, is always on topic.

    Thanks Again

  12. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

  13. Dear Anonymous,
    Thank you I am trying harder that is for sure. I will always advocate to make sure the UFO community treats UFO witnesses as people not just a means to and end.

    Thanks Again

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